Adalysis Has a New Dashboard & Other Improvements

By Brad


New Features

New Dashboard

The next time you login to your Adalysis account, you’ll be presented with the new dashboard.

This dashboard gives you a quick overview of all your test results, which can be segmented by ad type (text or image) and device type.

In addition, you can call up information about your multi-ad group tests and draft ads.

This should give you a great overview of what is happening in your account.



More Alert Filters

The alerts are a great place to find out where you’re not testing, ad groups that don’t have any ads in them (yes, it does happen), or other problems with your ad testing.

The easiest way to find and navigate through these ad groups is the ad group tab. You can filter by alerts (optionally sort by your favorite data point, such as impressions or cost), and then navigate through the ad groups that need to be fixed so you’re testing them.

We’ve launched new filters to make it even easier to find all the ad groups that match the various alerts.




Additional Ad Filters

In the ads tab, you can now filter by multiple criteria to find the exact ads you’re trying to find.


With these filters, you can then select all the ads that match that criteria to label them or clone them for the other device.

This should make it very easy to clone ads that are running on all devices and create mobile specific ads so that you can test appropriately by device.

We have more improvements in the works, so please stay tuned.

If you have any questions or comments, please just let us know.

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