Adalysis Improvements to Alerts & Historical Ads

By Brad


New Features

We’ve rolled out a few improvements to make it easier to work with alerts and historical ad tests.

Alert Changes

We’ve moved all the alerts into the dashboard and grouped them by where you should take action on the alert.


For instance, if you have ad groups with no active ads in them; you’ll find those alerts under your ad testing health check.

If you have keyword alerts, you’ll see them in a separate box on your dashboard. If you don’t have any keyword alerts, then the box will not be displayed.


To make the alert functionality much more useful; when you click on the alert link, you’ll be taken to the page where you only see the data for that alert so that it’s easy to work with the data to fix the appropriate problem:



Historical Ad Tests

Many users have wanted to see their historical ad tests on the same screen as their current ad testing results. This makes it easy to compare your old results and old paused ads in the ad group as you create new ads.

You’ll now see these old test results (results where you took an action such as pausing a loser) with the date of when an action was taken below your current ad test results, along with any currently paused ads in the ad group:


This change should make it easier to examine all the results for the ad group at once to decide what you’d like to test next.

Transition to Conversion Metrics


Google recently announced that they are removing ‘converted clicks’ as a metric in AdWords and will only support conversions. We’ve updated Adalysis to only use conversion based data in ad testing metrics.

If you want to use the old ‘converted clicks’, which is ‘unique’ conversions as opposed to all conversions; you can update your conversion settings in AdWords so that only unique conversions are counted.

We hope you enjoy these changes as they should make your ad testing life easier 🙂

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