Adalysis is now your PPC To Do List Manager & Recommendation Engine

By Brad


Google Ads Insights, New Features

We just launched a very exciting update at Adalysis: A new dashboard that will show you many recommendations and to do list items across your account.


These items are broken down into three sections:

Account alerts:

  • Critical: critical items stop ad serving or testing
  • Impact: how much impact will this change have on your account
  • Time: how long does this change typically take

Some of the alerts are based upon filters; such as non-converting words you might want to remove or add as negative keywords:


You can customize these filters and then Adalysis will use your custom data to show alerts.

You can also refresh these alerts on demand or dismiss them.

Account Recommendations & Notes:

Account recommendations and notes are additional items that should be done across your account.

With these, you can snooze the suggestion for a week, month, or dismiss the recommendation.

In addition, you can create your own custom notes and to do items.


Health Checks:

Health checks are other items we are checking that aren’t applicable to do items for your right not. For instance, if you don’t have any broken links, disapproved ads, etc – then we won’t create an alert for them and keep them archived under the health checks.


How To Video

The new dashboard allows you to easily filter for critical alerts and then take care of the items; then start to work through other items based upon your time. If you only have a few minutes between meetings, take look at quick to do items. If you have all day, look for large impact items.

This new dashboard will keep you abreast of major to do items across your account so that Adalysis is doing the data crunching and you can focus on getting work done.

To see how to work with this new dashboard; please see this video:

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