Adalysis Now Shows Landing Page URL Insights

By Brad


New Features

Landing page analysis is an important aspect to PPC management; and we’ve launched some new features to make it easy to see your landing page performance and other issues.

Landing Page Analysis

On the landing page analysis screen, we’ll show you URLs that are used in more than one ad group so you can easily see how pages are doing across your ad groups.

This should make it easy to find your top and poorest performing pages so that you can direct more traffic towards your best pages or decide what pages need to be re-worked by your design team.

We then break down how many keywords have above average, average, and below average quality scores with that specific page.

You can click into the keywords data and see the landing page experience for that keyword and landing page combination.

This should make it easy to spot which keywords are doing well certain types of landing pages across your site.

You can then take a look at what words aren’t doing well with landing pages, contrast that with what is working well, and then decide what keywords need to be moved into different ad groups.

In addition, you can click into the ads, and we’ll show you all the ads using a specific destination URL, which will make it easy to change or analyze the specific ads for that page.

Broken URLs

As a reminder, Adalysis already checks all your URLs. Once per week., we will ping every final URL used by your ads and keywords to make sure all of your URLs work.

If you have any broken URLs, we’ll notify you and show you the cost that URL has accumulated over the past 90 days so you can see the financial impact of fixing the link.

In addition, you can click on the ‘view’ link and see the affected ads and keywords. From that screen, it’s easy to select your ads, go to ‘manage ads’, and change all your ads to a working URL.


We’ll be launching even more landing page functionality in the future.

Final URLs for Bing

In order to start working on supporting ETAs for Bing Ads; we first need to switch to only using Final URLs for Bing accounts. Starting this week, all ads created for Bing Ads will be in the final URL format.

Draft Ad Changes

Draft ads are a useful way to create ads in advance and even automate the pausing of losers and pushing live the next test. As ETAs don’t have a ‘mobile preference’ to them; in order to align with the changes to how the new ad format works, we’re removing the ability to create mobile preferred draft ads and the draft ads mobile queue.

If you’re creating ETA draft ads, then there’s nothing to do as your desktop queue is preserved as the new draft ad queue.

We have even more changes and features planned; so stay turned for the latest updates. If you have any questions about these changes, just let us know.

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