Adalysis Now Supports Even More Display Ad Formats

By Brad


New Features

Adalysis has rolled out support and automated testing for more display ad formats. The new ad formats supported are:

  • HTML5 ads
    • Ads created from templates
    • Ads created with ad ideas
    • Lightbox ads
  • Gmail Ads
  • Responsive ads

Responsive Ad Support

Responsive ads can compete against both text and image ads (so a responsive ad can be a winner for text but a loser for your image test).

For instance, if you have an ad group with these ads in it:

  • ETA
  • Responsive ad
  • HTML5 ad

Those 3 ads create these tests:

  • Text: ETA vs Responsive
  • Image: HTML5 vs Responsive

As responsive ads can be in either test result, we’ll show an information box next to responsive ads as a reminder that these ads could be in the text or image based test results.


You can also edit responsive ads from the text side of test results.

HTML5 & GMail Ad Support

Adalysis already supported uploaded image ad formats as well as text and ETAs across the Google Display Network. With these changes, all ads within a display ad group will be tested against each other. It’s always a good idea to only include ads in ad groups that match your targeting (such as not mixing lightbox and Gmail ads in the same ad group since they show on different inventory slots).

The test results are the same as with image or text ads, with the ad column being the name of the ad. It’s always a good idea to name your ads appropriately since there’s not a text or image that can be displayed for non-image ads since these aren’t in Google’s API.


As you navigate through your image ads, you will see ad previews for the ads that can be displayed (generally single size of an uploaded image) or the name of the ad:


These ads will also be included in any Multi-ad group tests (labels) that match the labels you’re testing. We have many new features rolling out through 2017. If you have a question or need help in managing your account, please let us know.

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