Adalysis Supports Expanded DSAs & Adds Data Filtering Rules

By Brad


New Features

Adalysis now supports the Expanded DSAs. We have also added many filters to help you quickly analyze your data. These filters can be customized based upon the data criteria you want to use within your accounts.

Expanded DSA Support

We now support expanded DSAs (dynamic search ads). These will automatically be included in any relevant tests.

If you have DSAs in your account; you can easily filter for them and then upgrade your current DSAs to expanded DSAs using the upgrade to ETA option.

(Click image to see gif of how this works)


There are times you want to build and customize filters on a variety of data points. For example:

  • Find n-grams with more than 150 clicks and 0 conversions so you can evaluate them for negative keyword usage
  • Search queries with more than 2 conversions that you might want to add as positive keywords
  • One word keywords to ensure such short words are converting and not mistakes in the account
  • and many more

Adalysis supports a wide range of pre-built filters. With these filters you can easily click on them and we’ll show the filtered data for you.

(Click image to see gif of how this works)

There are times you might want to edit the filter so it works with different criteria. This is simple, just run the filter; change the criteria, and then save the new filter.

(Click image to see gif of how this works)

With these filters, it’s easy to specify the type of data you want to use in the filters so you can quickly find the types of new keywords, negatives, or other criteria useful for your account data.

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