Analyze Your Google Ads Audience Data with this Free Data Studio Template

By Brad


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Analyzing your audience data within Google Ads can be difficult, especially as it crosses over campaigns and ad groups. To make this data easier to visualize and understand, we’ve created a free Google Data Studio report that makes it easier to visualize your audience data.


The report consists of eight pages:

  1. Audience overview
  2. All audience details – graph
    • Look for high spends with few conversions. You want to pause or change bid adjustments for these audiences.
  3. All audiences – Chart
    • Many details for all audiences for those of you who like charts or to download data and then work in Excel
  4. Audience Drilldown
    • My favorite report. Start with an audience type overview, then drill down into any segments.
    • If you’ve not worked with drill downs before, watch the above video
  5. Age – data by age ranges
  6. Gender – data by gender
  7. Parental status – data by parental status
  8. Resources – links and other info you need to know to work with Data Studio

What is missing is income and company size (plus other audience alphas/betas Google is running). These data sets are not in Data Studio yet. Once they are in Data Studio, we’ll add pages for them and make an announcement.

Drill Down

The audience drill down page is handy once you know how to work with drill downs. It starts by looking at audience type and then you can drill down into the audience name, campaign, and ad group data.


Where drill downs are confusing is that you can drill down on all the data, or just selected data. As an audience can be at a campaign or ad group level, you sometimes come across a ‘null’ piece of data. To work with drill downs, we’ve put together this concise video to walk you through the process.

How to Get the Report

You can download this report, as well as several others from our Google Data Studio reports page.

If you need help getting started with Data Studio, this playlist should help you out:

We hope you enjoy the reports 🙂

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  • PKFire

    Gd bless you Brad for sharing these templates and articles on how to use them properly.

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