Ad group and keywords organization flowchart

Follow An Easy Flow Chart to Properly Organize Your Ad Groups

August 7, 2018 Brad General, Google Ads Insights, Keywords

As we look across accounts; one of the biggest issues we see time and time again is how ad groups are organized. It’s called an Ad Group for a reason; the ad is what the searcher sees. A keyword’s job is just to match to a query to decide if an ad can show or […]

Campaign performance visualisation chart thumbnail

How to Turn Complex PPC Data into Simple Stories

An important aspect of PPC is having your client (which might be your boss or an internal division) understand what is happening in the account from a data perspective and then adding context to the numbers so that someone can easily grasp what is happening. To accomplish this we need: An easy way to visualize […]

US Search Awards 2017

Thank You For Helping Adalysis Win the Best PPC Management Platform Again

November 20, 2017 Brad General, Google Ads Insights

Thank You for Our Search Award We’re happy to announce that for the 2nd consecutive year; we’ve been awarded the Best PPC Management Suite Award by the US Search awards. While we get to collect the award; this is an award that should also be presented to our customers as they push us to keep […]

Account recommendations dashboard thumbnail

Adalysis is now your PPC To Do List Manager & Recommendation Engine

September 11, 2017 Brad Google Ads Insights, New Features

We just launched a very exciting update at Adalysis: A new dashboard that will show you many recommendations and to do list items across your account. These items are broken down into three sections: Account alerts: Critical: critical items stop ad serving or testing Impact: how much impact will this change have on your account […]

Wesley, Founder and CEO at Clicteq

7 Advanced Google Shopping Strategies

May 23, 2017 Brad Google Ads Insights

Competing in Google Shopping is tough, but its fundamental to retailers success as it now accounts for more spend than search ads in the USA. To be successful there are 7 key things that you need to do, which are broken down in this infographic. The first is to segment search queries by brand v […]

Mastering Attribution Modeling

This Video Answers Your Burning Attribution Questions

April 13, 2017 Brad Google Ads Insights

Attribution management is one of those tossed-around buzz words that most people don’t know what to do with. Attribution isn’t that difficult. The hard part is knowing what question to ask: What model should I use for bidding? How do I determine if a channel should use ads with strong calls to action or brand […]

Customer Journey Testing: How to Test Ads & Landing Pages Together

March 16, 2017 Brad Ad Testing, Ads, Google Ads Insights

Ads are the only part of your account a searcher sees. They set the expectation for what the user will find on the landing page. When we think about the basics of testing; we can test in 3 ways: Ads versus other ads: This tests the message the user sees Landing page versus landing page: […]

Brad Geddes at SLCSEM 2016 DMC

How to Combat Rising CPAs with Audience Targeting

October 20, 2016 Brad Google Ads Insights

One of our co-founders, Brad Geddes, keynoted SLC DMC this year and he gave a presentation that encompasses: Rising CPAs The difference in audience touch points over the years How audience targeting can help lower CPAs The types of audience targeting What can be done with audiences How to think about audiences in scale A […]

Projected value of visitors thumbnail

A Primer Guide to Why Audience Targeting Should Be Part of Your PPC Efforts

August 4, 2016 Brad Google Ads Insights

Audience targeting has long been associated with social advertising, and even before that, it was a tactic that you could use across display networks (before Google even rolled out these options). However, audience targeting is part of paid search – and if you’re not using audience targeting, you’re being left behind in your paid search […]

Result of RLSA mistake thumbnail

Avoid This Common (and devastating) RLSA Mistake

June 16, 2016 Brad Google Ads Insights

We’re a big fan of RLSAs (remarketing list for search ads). If you’re unfamiliar with RLSAs; they allow you to group website users into Audiences and then apply one of the following techniques to the audience: Change bids Expand keywords Use different ads Use DSAs for previous visitors only Any combination of the above As […]

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