Dependance of conversion rate on Quality score

Is Your B2B Company Thinking Correctly About Their Ads?

June 2, 2016 Brad Ads, Google Ads Insights

B2B (business-to-business) companies often struggle with quality score and ad writing as they are often competing against B2C companies for the same keywords; but only a small segment of the actual search audience. For instance, take the term ‘safety gates’. The most common searcher for this term is a consumer that is looking for a […]

Statistics of the multiple ads variations thumbnail

Why You Should Always Run Multiple Remarketing Offers

May 24, 2016 Brad Google Ads Insights

Searchers don’t search for the same keywords over and over and over again. People search once, maybe twice, on the same keyword and that’s it. This means that if you are customizing your ads by ad groups (and have good account structure so that the ads are highly related to the keywords and random keywords […]

Dependance of ROAS and number of orders per month on bid type

When Accounts Should Abandon ROAS for CPA Bidding & Testing

May 17, 2016 Brad Google Ads Insights

When you work in ecommerce, the name of the game is ROAS (or ROI, depending on your definitions) management. You deal in margins, hard costs, and you need to ensure that your bidding and testing is accounting for these margins. However, there are times when ROAS fails; and I want to take you through a […]

Ad + Landing Page Testing

How to Test Landing Pages & Ads Together

March 29, 2016 Brad Ad Testing, Google Ads Insights

Ad advertiser recently contacted us and asked a simple question: If I want to test two ads and two landing pages; is this how I should setup my ad test: Ad A to Landing Page 1 Ad B to Landing Page 2 There’s not a simple answer to this question as it depends on what […]

10/10 Quality Score details thumbnail

10 Steps to improving Landing page experience.

March 15, 2016 Brad Google Ads Insights

Are you fed up of seeing “landing page experience below average”? In this article I’m going to be explaining just how heavily weighted landing page experience is, in the quality score algorithm, with the aid of big data case studies from Wordstream, Adobe and Adalysis. I’m also going to be walking you step by step […]

Ratio between assisted clicks and converted clicks

3 Ways to Handle Assisted Conversions

February 9, 2016 Brad Google Ads Insights

What do you do in this scenario? Day 1: A user clicks on keyword 1 Day 3: A user clicks on keyword 2 and converts Do you give all the credit to keyword 2? If you are using a search engine tracking script or Google Analytics to track your conversions and you are bidding based […]

Results of the campaigns, segmented by device type thumbnail

If Your Mobile Conversions Suck– Should You Really Just Ignore Mobile PPC?

January 26, 2016 Brad Google Ads Insights

You’re already using a –80% mobile bid modifier and yet mobile still just feels like its draining your budget each month. You’d rather spend money on tablets than mobile devices. Your mobile CTR isn’t bad, but when you look at your cross device conversions; they are 0. And you know its working as you had […]

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