How Using Broad Match Can Lower Your CTR as Your Quality Score Increases

April 23, 2019 Brad General, Google Ads Insights

When you use broad match, you can show for semantically similar keywords. This means that if you have the keyword laptop, you could show for the search term Alienware Gaming Computer as they are both computers or you could show for something highly related such as laptop or ultraportable. Google does not automatically show you […]

How to Use the Little Known Google Ads Account Level App Exclusion Blocker

April 16, 2019 Brad General, PPC Management

When Google Ads retired the much loved feature, last year that let you easily block all of your ads from showing on mobile apps, life got a lot more complicated for advertisers using the display network and trying to get their ads off of apps. The reason most people want their ads off of […]

How to Graph the New Impression and Click Share Metrics to Find Data Insights in Your Google Ads Account

April 9, 2019 Brad General, Google Ads Insights

Average position is going away later this year, so it’s time to start looking towards the new metrics and how to use them to find data insights. Some of these new numbers that we’re going to use for our insights don’t exist in the Google Ads interface, so we need to create them our self, […]

How & Why to Test Ads and Landing Page Combinations

April 2, 2019 Brad Ad Testing, General

We were working with a mid-sized service based company that serviced all of Texas. As the state is quite large, they had a website that just said they’d do electrical work anywhere in the state but they didn’t focus on any one area for their website outside of the entire state. They realized that with […]

Please Stop by and Say Hi at these Upcoming Conferences

March 28, 2019 Brad General

We’re going to be at several conferences in April. If you happen to be attending one, feel free to stop by and say, “Hi” to us. SMX Munich SMX Munich is taking place April 1-3 in Munich, Germany. On the first day, we’ll be conducting a full day Advanced Google Ads Workshop. On April 2, […]

The 6 Most Underused Google Ads Features

March 26, 2019 Brad General, Google Ads Insights

I was having a conversation with a large agency in a small country and they had mentioned that their Google Ads rep told them they were the only agency in their country to have ever changed the ad rotation option. While that seems fairly unbelievable (I believe the rep told them that, but it being […]

The Good and the Bad about Losing Average Position

March 19, 2019 Brad General, Google Ads Insights

Google Ads is sunsetting average position in September. After that date, you will no longer be able to access this metric for your current or older data. In this column, we’ll look at why they are making this change, the good, the bad, and what you might need to do prepare for this change. Why […]

5 Common Pieces of Misinformation about Google Ads & Their Corrections

March 12, 2019 Brad General

Google Ads is so complicated that it often leads to incorrect assumptions as to how certain things work. When one authority site writes about one of these features incorrectly, it is often considered true and the misinformation quickly spreads and many marketers end up with poor information. In today’s column, we’re going to look at […]

How to Use Your Auction Insights Data to Differentiate Your Ads

March 5, 2019 Brad General, Google Ads Insights

There’s a lot of places where you can find inspiration on ad ideas to test. Before you create ad tests, it’s a good idea to understand your overall positioning in the auction and how you need to differentiate yourself from the competition. It’s also worth noting that in many auctions, you will be competition for […]

Most Common Google Ads Mistakes Made by the Pros

February 26, 2019 Brad General

Everyone makes mistakes. For new accounts, it’s usually missing conversion tracking, not using negatives, using excessive broad match, and so forth. The pros know what they are doing; so their mistakes are generally those of a poor UI, engineered organization, and overlooking the obvious. 1. Keyword Conflicts Keyword conflicts occur when you have a negative […]

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