Easily Analyze and Manage Your Bid Adjustments with New Adalysis Features

January 17, 2020 Brad General, New Features

We just launched several features that allow you to analyze your bid adjustments, get new adjustment suggestions, and dig into your adjustment data to understand how the adjustments affect your data. Here’s a quick overview of the new features and videos to help you understand what is possible. Bid Adjustment Map: The bid adjustment map […]

Performance Analyzer Update

January 14, 2020 Brad New Features

We’ve made several updates to the Performance Analyzer to help you easily understand your changes in metrics and data over time. You can now examine any campaign type: Search Display Shopping Video Any other campaign types You can choose to include paused campaigns if you want to compare data to timeframes where some campaigns were […]

Important Notice: Recent Google change that affects your Ad Testing & Management

December 19, 2019 Brad New Features

Google recently changed how its system works when you edit an ad. In the past, if you edited an ad, Google would create a new ad and delete the old one. This approach resulted in the ad performance to be reset and it was easy to see how well the new ad is performing. It […]

New Features: Bulk Create RSAs & Examine Ad Text Heatmaps

September 23, 2019 Brad General, New Features

We’ve just launched a new feature to bulk create RSAs (responsive search ads) based upon your ETA data. This should make it easy to create RSAs based upon your top ETAs in an ad group without having to go and examine every single ad and take too much time analyzing your ads just to create […]

New Features: RSA Creation, Move Keywords, Ad Relevance Alerts, Secure URL Alerts, and More

September 5, 2019 Brad New Features

We’ve launched several new features and enhancements across Adalysis that will make it easier for you to manage your Google Ads & Bing Ads account. RSA Creation Adalysis fully supports Responsive Search Ads. You can edit or create new RSAs. RSAs have always been included in the ad testing, and now you can fully manage […]

The All New Reimagined Adalysis Dashboard & User Interface

July 24, 2019 Brad General, New Features

We just finished launching the new dashboard, which should help you streamline your workflow and quickly discover all the tools contained within Adalysis. One of the most exciting new features is the ability to take action from the dashboard. When you see an alert, you can take action directly from the dashboard, or you can […]

New Features: Easily Manage Placements, Display Exclusions, and New Dashboard Alerts

April 29, 2019 Brad New Features

When your ad is shown across the display network, the site, video, or app where it was displayed is known as a placement. Some of these sites are great, and others waste money. The display network is comprised of so many sites that some do not fit in line with your brand. We’ve launched new […]

Heatmap with hourly and daily performance data

New Campaign Alerts & Performance Data

December 12, 2018 Brad General, New Features

We’ve just launched 4 new alerts to help you understand your campaign settings and other performance data. You’ll see these alerts on your dashboard: Clicking on these alerts will take you to the campaign screen filtered by alert. There are several new campaign filters: In addition, you’ll now see a new column “Settings & Performance”. […]

Example of heatmap table with headlines combinations and performance

Automatically Generate Ad Heatmaps to Find Your Top Headline Combinations

November 19, 2018 Brad New Features

It’s now easy to find your best headline 1 and headline 2 combinations for your PPC account. We’ve launched a heatmap feature that can automatically show you how the combinations of your headlines are performing. For example; in this screenshot we see: Headline 1s across the top Headline 2s down the side The intersection of […]

Comparison of performance ETAs and RSAs by label

Adalysis Now Supports RSAs (Responsive Search Ads)

November 12, 2018 Brad New Features

Responsive search ads allow you to create multiple headlines and descriptions while Google will mix and match the combinations when showing your ads. At the moment, you can only get impression numbers for each line (or even total ad format) so there’s a limited amount of information that you can learn from them. There are […]

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