Multi adgroup testing by the 3rd headline and 2nd description line thumbnail

Easily Upgrade 3rd Headlines & 2nd Descriptions of All Your Google Ads With New Adalysis Features

September 24, 2018 Brad New Features

Google finally released an API that supports the 3rd headline and 2nd description line.  Adalysis now supports these new ad lines. When you create an ad, you now have the ability to create the 3rd headline and 2nd description. Multi Ad Group Testing For multi-ad group testing, we also support testing the 3rd headlines and […]

Performance boost potential chart

New Feature: Easily Monitor & Analyze Your Google Ads Budgets

August 9, 2018 Brad New Features

We’ve just released a new feature that allows you to monitor and analyze your budgets. There a a few main features to the new system. Alerts You can get alerts for: Capped budgets Overspending budgets Underspending budgets You’ll see these alerts on your dashboard in the budget area. As always with Adalysis, you can customize […]

Quality score dashboard thumbnail

Receive Performance Change Alerts Plus Many Enhancements

June 3, 2018 Brad New Features

We have just launched a brand new tool along with many enhancements to the existing tools. Performance Monitor The Performance Monitor allows you to setup alerts when your data changes; such as: Your Impression Share dropped by more than 10% compared to the previous week Your Average CPC increased by more than $0.50 compared to […]

How to get started with Adalysis

Welcome to the New Dashboard

May 8, 2018 Brad New Features

We’re just refreshed the dashboard making it similar to quickly see exactly what you need to know about your account. In addition, there’s a nice visual refresh to more easily identify options across the entire software. Our long time users will immediately know what to do in the visual refresh. If you’re newer to Adalysis, […]

Snoozing option for the personal notes thumbnail

New Features: Create & Snooze Your Alerts and Notes

April 19, 2018 Brad New Features

We’ve listened to your feedback and redesigned the notes and snooze options. First off, across the entire account you can now quickly jump to your notes by clicking the notes button that is now shown across the account. You can then see your notes, edit them, remove them, or even snooze them. This should help […]

Quality score history graph thumbnail

New Adalysis Features: Duplicate Search Terms View, 1 Year Quality Score View, and more

April 2, 2018 Brad New Features

We’ve just launched several enhancements at Adalysis. Duplicate Search Terms View You can now manage duplicate search terms with the same view and powerful tools that you can for duplicate keywords. This short video will show you exactly how to use the new viewer and bulk tools for managing these problematic terms. 1 Year of […]

Campaign performance visualisation chart thumbnail

New Adalysis Tool: Use the Performance Analyzer to Compare Your Metrics Over Time and Create Data Driven Stories

March 11, 2018 Brad New Features, Performance Analyzer

The performance analyzer let’s you easily compare your PPC data across two timeframes. This comparison allows you to quickly see what drove the changes. You can examine this data by: Network (search or display) Individual or multiple campaigns Different time periods When you have the results, it’s easy to see what drove the changes in […]

Bulk adgroups and ads creation tool

New Features: Bulk Create Ads & Ad Groups from Spreadsheets

March 6, 2018 Brad New Features

Creating ads in bulk can be difficult. You might have different prices or offers by ad group; and quickly creating ads that utilize those prices or offers across many ad groups can take a lot of time to create. We’ve just launched a new feature that allows you to easily create ads and ad groups […]

Filter for duplicate ads thumbnail

New Adalysis Features: Duplicate Ad Checker & Workflow Improvement

January 10, 2018 Brad New Features

We’ve just launched two new features to help your PPC workflow. Filter for duplicate ads It’s easy to accidently create duplicate ads. When you have a duplicate, you’re not testing or learning anything; so it’s best to pause your duplicate ads so that only your unique ads are running. You can easily accomplish this with […]

Multiple keywords match type change

New Adalysis Features: Broad Match Modifier Tool, Campaign Quality Score History, and More…

January 2, 2018 Brad General, New Features

We’ve just launched several new features: Broad match modifier tool Campaign Quality Score History ROAS columns for ad group, keywords, and search terms Keyword & keyword URL edit Landing page analysis downloads Broad Match Modifier Tool The broad match modifier is one out 20+ AdWords management tools in Adalysis. It makes it easy to convert […]

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