Keywords analysis filtering options thumbnail

New Keyword & Search Query Analysis Features

May 9, 2017 Brad New Features

On the heels of launching partial pattern analysis & suggested tests,  bulk ad creation and multi-variant testing, we’ve circled back to keywords and search query data to help you out more in the targeting analysis. Keyword Filtering We find that a lot of companies don’t like using 1 and 2 word keywords outside of their […]

Multi-ad group test thumbnail

New Features: Easier Bulk Ad Creation & Multivariate Testing

May 2, 2017 Brad Ad Testing, Ads, New Features

You’ve taken a lot of time creating your initial ads; and often you want to change them or create new ads in bulk. Adalysis’s bulk ad creation tools allows you to select many ad groups at once and then create ads within those ad groups at scale. Since you might be selecting ad groups that […]

Suggested test thumbnail

New Multi-Ad Group Testing Features: Partial Patterns & Suggested Tests

April 24, 2017 Brad Ad Testing, New Features

Multi-ad group testing is a great way to test large numbers of ads or to get great insight into consumer behavior. To make it easier to test and find where you should be testing, we’ve added two new multi-ad group testing features. Partial Patterns When you are creating a multi-ad group test; you can click […]

Email notification settings

New Features: Selective Notifications & Account Filtering

April 4, 2017 Brad New Features

Some agencies have a large number of analysts and accounts to manage. To make it easier to find your specific accounts and only receive notifications for accounts that you work on; we’ve added a couple of new features. Account Labels The first is account labels. If you label your accounts (such as the analyst name); […]

Account level quality score dashboard

Quality Score has Become Even Easier to Analyze and Act Upon

March 29, 2017 Brad New Features

Trying to find where your Quality Scores need improvement and what needs to be done to improve them is often a very manual process. Adalysis has been a leader in opening up Quality Score data by showing impression weighted data and even allowing you to sort and filter keywords by individual factors (expected CTR, ad […]

N-gram search terms data

How to Analyze the Exact Match Change

March 20, 2017 Brad Keywords, New Features

Google just made a huge announcement: Exact match keywords can now show for semantic matching queries and not just syntactic matching queries. What this means in reality is that your exact match keywords may show: When the query is in the reverse order of the keyword [New York City Flights] can now match to the […]

Auto-pause ads by condition thumbnail

Automatically Pause & Replace Your Losing Ads

February 28, 2017 Brad Ad Testing, New Features

We just launched a new feature that will automatically pause your losing ads and optionally replace them with new ads. You can see a video of how to use this feature; or read below more about it. Automatically Pause Losing Ads To use this feature, navigate to your Single-Adgroup Tests and then to the Loser […]

Alert section with issues thumbnail

Alerts are Now Easier to Find & Monitor

February 6, 2017 Brad New Features

Adalysis monitors a lot of pieces of your account; such as: Keyword conflicts Ad groups with 1 or 0 ads in them Malformed negative keywords Broken URLs And more… In order to make the alerts easier to see and find; we just rolled out an updated alert section. You can expand each section to see […]

Domains status

New Adalysis Functionality: Monitoring Domains, plus changes to how ETAs & STAs are treated

January 26, 2017 Brad New Features

Last year, we started pinging every URL in your account once per week to find broken URLs for users. We’ve now gone further and actively monitor all the domains and subdomains within your account. The way the system works, we first will find every domain and subdomain being used across your account. Next, we ping […]

Gmail ads & HTML5 ads

Adalysis Now Supports Even More Display Ad Formats

January 17, 2017 Brad New Features

Adalysis has rolled out support and automated testing for more display ad formats. The new ad formats supported are: HTML5 ads Ads created from templates Ads created with ad ideas Lightbox ads Gmail Ads Responsive ads Responsive Ad Support Responsive ads can compete against both text and image ads (so a responsive ad can be […]

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