Bing ETAs creation tool thumbnail

Adalysis Now Supports ETAs for Bing Ads

November 16, 2016 Brad New Features

Adalysis now supports Bing ETAs. With ETAs in Bing; you can test them against your STAs (standard text ads) or test ETAs vs ETAs. We’ve also converted the AdWords ETA upgrade tool to work with Bing Ads. There are some slight differences in the ETA upgrade tools between AdWords & Bing due to the character […]

Broken URLs analysis thumbnail

Adalysis Now Shows Landing Page URL Insights

October 26, 2016 Brad New Features

Landing page analysis is an important aspect to PPC management; and we’ve launched some new features to make it easy to see your landing page performance and other issues. Landing Page Analysis On the landing page analysis screen, we’ll show you URLs that are used in more than one ad group so you can easily […]

Broken URLs analysis

Adalysis Now Notifies You of Broken URLs

September 20, 2016 Brad New Features

As websites grow and change, URLs have a tendency to change. If you’re in a hurry to create many new ads, it’s easy to make a mistake and mistype a URL. These mistakes result in you spending money sending traffic to broken pages. We’ve just launched a new feature that will alert you when you’re […]

MCC level Adalysis dashboard

View the New MCC Level Adalysis Dashboard

September 7, 2016 Brad New Features

In the past few months, we’ve added many new features to Adalysis: N-Grams Negative keyword conflicts, cleanup, and management Quality Score analysis Ad Extension usage and more Our goal is to focus users on actionable information and not let people get bogged down in repetitive analysis of trying to find problems. To bring some of […]

Patterns by ad type thumbnail

Adalysis Now Supports ETAs (Expanded Text Ads)

August 22, 2016 Brad Ads, New Features

Adalysis now has support for expanded text ads (ETAs). This is a large change to both ads in your account and how Adalysis calculates the ad test data so please take a moment to understand the changes. How ETAs are Tested ETAs can run on any device and don’t carry a mobile preferred flag. This […]

Historical ad test results thumbnail

Adalysis Improvements to Alerts & Historical Ads

August 1, 2016 Brad New Features

We’ve rolled out a few improvements to make it easier to work with alerts and historical ad tests. Alert Changes We’ve moved all the alerts into the dashboard and grouped them by where you should take action on the alert. For instance, if you have ad groups with no active ads in them; you’ll find […]

Ad extensions analysis thumbnail

Easily Analyze Your Ad Extension Usage

July 5, 2016 Brad New Features

Ad extensions are a crucial part of your AdWords account. You must use them and have them – that’s a given. Most advertisers know and understand extensions these days. However, what we find is that while almost everyone is using them; most accounts have missed applying them to a few campaigns. It might be that […]


Analyze Your Query Data in a Brand New Way: N-Grams

June 15, 2016 Brad New Features, Search Terms

We’re on a quest to make managing your overwhelming amount of PPC data much easier. This technique can help you in both Google AdWords and Bing Ads to find negative keywords and insights into your own data. It’s already easy to manage ads, quality score, and make bulk ad changes within Adalysis. We’ve just launched […]

Keywords filtered by negative keyword conflict

Negative Keyword Features Launched

May 31, 2016 Brad New Features

We’re working on an amazing new negative keyword feature; but to build it – we need to develop some other functionality along the way and we’re happy to announce some of this functionality has been launched. Negative Keyword Conflicts A common problem in accounts is that some of your keywords are being blocked by negative […]

Quality Score Analysis thumbnail

New Features: Quality Score Analysis In-Depth

March 8, 2016 Brad New Features

Increasing your quality scores can help you increase your average position or decrease your cost per click or both. The issue with quality score optimization is that it has mostly been manual work since Google doesn’t show all the sub-factors of quality score (landing page, ad relevance, CTR) in an easy to sort and segment […]

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