Filtering ads by a disapproval status thumbnail

New features: Create Ad Rules (including Bing Ads) & View Disapprovals

January 28, 2016 Brad New Features

We have two new features to tell you about today: Ad Rules and viewing disapproved ads. Manage When Your Ads Run: Ad Rules We’ve launched ad rules in Adalysis so you can automatically enable and pause ads. These rules are independent of any rules you have set in AdWords; however, we also support this in […]

Bulk ads creation options thumbnail

New Features: Easily Filter, Create, and Manage Ads in Bulk

January 19, 2016 Brad New Features

We’ve just launched some powerful new features that should make it easy for you to pause, create, and manage ads in bulk. As these new features work with the filter commands that we launched a short while ago, we’re going to quickly review the filters and then get into the new features so you can […]

Multi-ad group patterns test

We’ve Just Launched Even More Multi-Ad Group Testing Functionality

November 9, 2015 Brad New Features

We’ve had a lot of feedback on additional ways that you can segment exactly what ads get included in a multi-ad group test and we’ve just launched new options for determining what ads are included: You can choose to only include (or exclude) ad groups with specific labels in addition to selecting campaigns. This will […]

Filtering ad groups thumbnail

New Features: Advanced Ad Group Filters, Assisted Metrics, Bing is out of Beta, and More

October 23, 2015 Brad New Features

We’ve just finished launching several new features that should make your ad testing even easier. You can click on any of the images to make them larger so you can get a better view of how to see and use the new features. Ad Group Filters You can now filter ad groups by a large […]

Ads editing options thumbnail

Powerful Ad Filters: Easily Find Ads & Make Bulk Edits

October 9, 2015 Brad New Features

We recently launched a powerful find and replace option to easily find ads based upon a lot of criteria and then mass pause, delete, or modify those ads. When you go to the ads tab, you can use the ‘filter by’ and filter by: What line the pattern occurs You can use multiple lines to […]

Filtering ad group alerts thumbnail

Adalysis Has a New Dashboard & Other Improvements

August 27, 2015 Brad New Features

New Dashboard The next time you login to your Adalysis account, you’ll be presented with the new dashboard. This dashboard gives you a quick overview of all your test results, which can be segmented by ad type (text or image) and device type. In addition, you can call up information about your multi-ad group tests […]

Filtering text ads

New Features: Working with Non Statistically Significant Data

August 17, 2015 Brad New Features

We’ve just released several new features that allow you to work with single-adgroup tests or multi-adgroup tests that have not yet achieved statistical significance. Single Ad Group Testing Changes When you run a manual test, you can now include results that have not achieved at least 90% confidence.   With those results, you can also […]

Download icon to export the data

Data Exports Are Now Available in Adalysis

August 10, 2015 Brad New Features

We just launched one of the most requested feature enhancements in Adalysis – Data Exports. You can export your data for: Single ad group (image & text) automated tests manual tests (You can run a test using any criteria and download the data) saved tests Multi ad group (image, text, and labels) automated test manual […]

New "Multi-Adgroup tests" tab

It’s Now Easier to Navigate Through Adalysis

July 27, 2015 Brad New Features

We’ve updated the interface to make it easier to navigate between your testing types. When you next login, you’ll see one Single Ad Group and one Multi-Ad Group tab. You can then easily switch from text to image ads from within the tab and then further navigate to automated, manual, and saved test results. To […]

Manual saving test results

New Adalysis Features: Manually Save Results, Ad Suggestions, Create Ads from Drafts, and More

June 23, 2015 Brad New Features

We’ve just added several features that should make your ad testing with Adalysis even easier. Manually Saving Test Results Whenever you take an action from the testing screens, we save your test history so you can review it later. You can manually save test results from any of the main testing screens. All you need […]

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