Heatmap with the intersection of ideas for headlines and descriptions, and producible CTR

The In-Depth Quality Score Webinar is Now Online

July 21, 2016 Brad Quality Score, Webinars

We recently did a webinar with Acquisio that dug deeply into Quality Scores. We covered: Each of the quality score components The weighting of each component How to increase each of the sub factors Easy workflows for improving your quality scores And much more The webinar recording is now online and you can view it […]

Listen to Our Work Productivity & PPC Ad Testing Podcast

July 7, 2016 Brad Ad Testing, Webinars

We just recorded a podcast with Edge of the Web Radio. The podcast covers everything from time management to ad testing. It’s a fun show full of laughter, insights, jokes, and great tips on managing PPC. If you haven’t checked out their podcast before, you should, its had some great guests ranging from Jessie Stricchiola […]

Please Join Us for a Free Webinar on Scientific Ad Testing

June 9, 2016 Brad Ad Testing, Webinars

There are several ways to test ads: A/B Testing Pattern Testing Label testing And more And then you need to: Determine winner and loser metrics Segment your ad tests Determine minimum data Determine maximum data Ensure you are confident in the results All of these decisions are assuming that you’re testing and have ad ideas […]

Brad Geddes and Alberto Merola on the webinar "Reverse Engineering the AdWords Quality Score for Lower CPC"

Join us for an In-Depth Webinar on Quality Score

May 26, 2016 Brad Quality Score, Webinars

We’re joining the Acquisio team for an in-depth look at Quality Score that’s open to anyone on June 2nd. There’s a few topics we’ll cover in the webinar. Quality Score Importance Quality Score is one of the most important and least important numbers in your AdWords account at the same time. When its bad, it […]

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