Easy To Follow Instructions to Increasing Your Quality Score

By Brad


Quality Score

Quality Score optimization is essential to any PPC account.

Increasing your quality scores can:

  • Decrease your CPC
  • Increase your ad position
  • Cause your ad to show if its not showing due to poor quality scores
  • Cause your ad to show on more matching queries (depending on match types)

There’s two factors to increasing quality score:

  • Identifying areas of opportunity
  • Taking action within the identified ad groups

Identifying where to take action can be done by looking at spend and low quality score combinations. This video will help you identify areas of quality score opportunity:

Once you find areas of improving quality score; this easy-to-follow flow chart will help you identify what to do and how to get 10 out of 10 quality score (note; old user interface in the video; but the math is still correct):



QS Optimization - QS Optimization (2)


While quality score is very important to your account’s success. Working with Quality Score is not that difficult. It’s about 3 components:

  • Having a good landing page
  • Having a good organizational structure
  • Testing ads

Ad Testing is about increasing your account’s goals no matter if the goal is more traffic, leads, revenue, ROAS, or some other metric. A side effect of good ad testing is also an increase in quality score, which can also help you reach those goals. Your ad and ad extensions are the only part of your account that a consumer sees. Searchers don’t see your keywords, bids, audiences, or any other account data. Once your account is well structured, your focus should be on ad testing to increase both quality score and revenue.

If you’d like to know more about the factors and their weights; you can read our Search Engine Land column here.

If you’d like to learn more about how Adalysis automatically calculates your ad group weights for Quality Score improvements, or how it can help you diagnose many of the Quality Score factors, you can read about our Quality Score features here.

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