Finding Quality Score Insights with Historical Graphs & Recent Quality Score Changes

By Brad


New Features, Quality Score

Analyzing how your Quality Score changes over time can give you great insights into what ads and landing pages are leading to your best Quality Scores. It also lets you see as you conduct ad testing how this can improve your Quality Scores.

When we think of Quality Score, it is made up of three factors:

  • Expected CTR
  • Ad Relevance
  • Landing page experience

So you don’t want to just see how your Quality Score changes over time; you also want to see how the Quality Score factors change over time so you don’t miss crucial insights. For example, for this keyword, the Quality Score has remained a 7 for several months. However, in reality, the landing page experience increase and the expected CTR decreased at the same rate. If you can graph these factors, then you can see that your landing page changes were positive but your ad changes were negative:


Now you can go and look at your testing data and keep your landing page as it is since it’s better, and then look at the changes to the ads, and your ad testing history (if you use Adalysis this is automatically saved for you), so you can create an ad with a higher expected CTR based upon your information to increase the Quality Score.

In order to easily find insights into your Quality Scores, view changes, and find areas for improvement, Adalysis has launched several new features.

Quality Score Movers

For your account; you can easily see the account level Quality Scores and how it’s changed in the past week.

For your campaigns, ad groups, and keywords, we will show you the weekly change. You can sort this by highest to lowest or lowest to highest.


For accounts, campaigns, and ad groups, this data is impression weighted. This will make it easy to find where your Quality Scores have changed by account, campaign, ad group, or keyword to quickly drill down into the changes so you can see what is going on.

As Adalysis already shows you the best ad groups to take action for increasing quality score,  and the factors broken out by keyword or campaign, you can easily find out where to do Quality Score work as well as what needs to be done (Landing pages, ad changes, etc).

Quality Score Graphs

Being able to easily see these graphs by ad group or keyword is important to being able to diagnose and work with Quality Score. You can easily graph these factors and see your Quality Score history with a single click of a button:


Improving Quality Score

Improve Quality Score is all about having a good website, account organization, and great ad testing.


With these changes to Adalysis, it is now even easier to improve your Quality Scores:

  • Sort your ad groups by Quality Score priority order
    • These are the ad groups that need the most help
  • Examine the weighted sub factors to see the main issues in the ad group as a whole
  • Graph the keyword or ad group to see the Quality Score history of these factors
    • If you have dates where Quality Score changed, examine your ad testing history to find ad insights
  • Ensure you have proper account organization
  • Test your ads based upon what needs to be improved

These new features should make this process very seamless to accomplish for any account.

These changes, and examining the Quality Score history is so useful, we’ll have new articles posted on just analyzing various trends you might see. Make sure you are subscribed to updates to see other ways to work with Quality Score.

If you’re not using Adalysis yet, take a two week free trial to get these types of insights, and much more, for your paid search accounts.

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