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We have launched a free audit tool that you can use to understand your account and its opportunities. With the report, you can easily:

  • Understand how well your account is performing
  • Find new optimization opportunities
  • Receive instant reports that can be shared with your team or clients
  • Download the audit to include in new client proposals

The audit covers many aspects of your Google Ads account.

Overall Score: You can use your score to get a quick grade on your account’s structure and performance.

Key Findings: See overall information about your account and opportunities with a single glance.

Account Size & Performance: Understand the size and scope of an account.

Lost Revenue: See what’s been missed and what can be done to gain additional conversions and revenue.

Quality Score: View your Quality Score data in-depth to understand potential improvements.

Account Structure: Ensure you are not missing random ad extensions, blocking keywords, and many other easy-to-miss items in managing an account.

Key Insights: Ranging from Bid adjustments to match type usage to RSA & ETA comparisons, this section is full of insightful data about your account.

Sharing Your Audit

There are two sharing options for the audits. You can share a link (which is not password protected) directly with your team or clients.

You can download a PDF of the audit to include in client proposals or share the PDF with your PPC team or clients.

How to Get Your Free Google Ads Audit

If you are subscribed to Adalysis, you can access your audits

For non-subscribers to Adalysis, you can receive your audit here.

We hope you enjoy your Free Google Ads Audit.

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