Join Us for Free Webinar on AI & Machine Learning

By Brad



AI and Machine Learning are going to dominate a lot of the conversation in 2019.

To get the year started off correctly, we’re participating in a webinar with the sole focus to answer your questions about machine learning.

Some questions so far:

  • How do I evaluate recommendations?
  • Are people fighting or just accepting machine learning?
  • How should I work with the machine?
  • How do I decide to use a script, filter, rule, or machine learning to solve my problems?
  • What’s our current confidence in machine learning and how do our tolerance levels affect this confidence?
  • How do we measure the impact of the tool using machine learning?

Sometimes it’s best to use your brain or a simple filter over machine learning. We’ll get into that conversation, and many, many more over the course of the webinar.

When you register, you can submit your own question. If you can’t make it, just by registering, you can get a copy of the recording and submit your question.

You can register here: Ask the Pros Anything about AI & Machine Learning

We hope to see you there 🙂

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