Mobile Preferred Ads Get 2x The CTR as Other Ads on Mobile Devices

By Brad



When you look at a lot of the trends in PPC these days, you often hear ‘mobile is taking over’.

If mobile is taking over, or at least making a strong showing; then marketers should be focused on thinking about mobile users differently than desktop users.

This goes beyond bidding to using mobile or responsive designed sites and testing mobile ads.

However, when we look into the data to see how many people are actually testing mobile ads and mobile message differently than their desktop ones, we see a different picture. Most companies are just using their desktop ads on mobile devices and aren’t really paying that much attention to the message within their mobile ads.

Bing released some data about why you should test mobile ads, just consider this:

  • If an account uses their desktop ads on mobile devices they have a 2.6% CTR on mobile devices
  • If an account writes mobile ads (and uses mobile preferred ads) they have a 5.2% CTR on mobile devices

That’s double the mobile traffic just by taking some time to think about mobile users and then writing ads to those users.

Chart courtesy of Bing Ads:



Testing mobile ads isn’t that difficult; here’s a handy article that shows you how to think about and testing your ads by effective device.

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