Negative Keyword Features Launched

By Brad


New Features

We’re working on an amazing new negative keyword feature; but to build it – we need to develop some other functionality along the way and we’re happy to announce some of this functionality has been launched.

Negative Keyword Conflicts

A common problem in accounts is that some of your keywords are being blocked by negative keywords. This is common when you add a lot of negatives and then add new keywords at a later time.

We’ve created an alert when this happens and an easy way to find all of these conflicts.

If you go to the keywords tab, under alert filters, you’ll find a new filter type: Negative Keyword Conflict.


You can then easily hover over the alert and delete the negative keyword causing the conflict:



Negative Keyword Cleanup

Another common problem is trying to figure out what negatives are blocking words when you have both ad group and campaign negatives. We find a lot of accounts have problems with negative words as many negatives are in every single ad group within a campaign.

To make it easier to understand your blocked words; we will now scan your ad group negatives and if there’s the same negative in every ad group, we’ll offer an easy way to move those negatives from the ad group level to the campaign level.

Just click on the ‘View recommended cleanup suggestions’ on the negative keyword info.




Modified Broad Match is Not a Negative Match Type

AdWords support three negative match types:

  • Exact
  • Phrase
  • Broad

All negative keyword match types determine is the word order. They never match to various stemming, singulars, plurals, or other words.

Modified broad match is not a negative match type, and when you use a +sign in front of a keyword (with no space, just like modified broad), it often causes negative problems.

We’ve added an alert so you can easily sort and find any keywords using a +sign in your negative list:



Interesting New Features Coming Soon

We’re saving the best for last – and it will change how you think about and manage negative keywords.

However, it’s not quite ready for prime time yet.

Stay tuned for the newest negative feature coming soon.

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