Everything You Need to Know about Negative Keywords to Improve Your PPC Results

By Brad


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When we think about optimizing PPC accounts; we’re focused on making sure the right ad is being shown to the right person at the right time. We do this through targeting and organization. To ensure these items are working properly, we need to monitor results. Once we’re happy, then our focus is on getting more. Adding more keywords. Getting more impressions. Showing more ads.

However, there are times you should not show an ad at all and that less is better.

Showing the correct ad to the correct person at the correct time means there is also an incorrect person and incorrect time to display an ad.

When we want to optimize our accounts, it’s not just about more – it’s also about removing the impressions that are not going to convert. The easiest way to get rid of these impressions is through negative keyword usage.

Now, negatives are not as straightforward as just adding a word and no longer showing an ad.

Negatives have:

  • Match types
  • Different levels you can add them to your account
  • Different reasons you are adding them (you might block one ad from showing so another one ad shows)

When it comes to negatives, you want to examine:

  • Search term data for underperforming words
  • Duplicate search term data for organizational issues
  • N-Gram analysis for global perspective on your search terms

There’s a lot of know about using negative keywords properly so you are showing the right ad at the right time to the right person. In order to make sure you are taking all these factors into account; we’ve put together a short educational video that will walk you through how to properly evaluate and use negative keywords and n-grams.

You Can Automate this Analysis with Easy Workflows

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