New Adalysis Features: Broad Match Modifier Tool, Campaign Quality Score History, and More…

By Brad


General, New Features

We’ve just launched several new features:

  • Broad match modifier tool
  • Campaign Quality Score History
  • ROAS columns for ad group, keywords, and search terms
  • Keyword & keyword URL edit
  • Landing page analysis downloads

Broad Match Modifier Tool

The broad match modifier is one out 20+ AdWords management tools in Adalysis. It makes it easy to convert your existing keywords to modified broad match words.

The tool is easy to use:

  • Go to the keywords tab
  • Select the keywords you want to create as modified broad match
  • Click the ‘Change to modified broad match button’

Once you select the keywords and click the button, you’ll see some options for these keywords:


You can:

  • Pause your old words
  • Leave your old words as they are
  • Delete them
  • Copy any labels from your old words to your new ones

An easy way to get started with this tool is to examine your overall broad match usage. You can do this by filtering for true broad matched words with one click:


Campaign Quality Score History

We already show ad group & keyword quality score trends; and now you can see this same trend history for your campaigns.

If you click on the icon for your quality score history; you’ll see the history of that campaign:


ROAS Columns

You can see ROAS columns (Conversion value/Cost) for keywords, search terms, and ad groups across the account:


This means you can now create custom alerts based upon your ROAS data:

Keyword Editing

If you click on a keyword, you can now:

  • Edit the keyword
  • Change the match type
  • See/adjust the keyword URL


Landing Page Analysis Downloads

In the landing page analysis section, you can see the aggregated information for each URL used in multiple ad groups; which helps see which pages have a lot of low landing page quality score impresisons and keywords being pointed towards a page.


You can now download the analysis or the broken URLs.

We hope you enjoy all the updates 🙂

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