New Adalysis Features: DSA Testing & Ad Group Filtering

By Brad


New Features

DSA Testing

You can now test Dynamic Search Ads (DSA) with Adalysis.

As with text ads, all DSA ad tests will be segmented by effective device. So if you have an ad group with two DSA mobile ads and two DSA all device ads, we will treat these as two different ad tests and continue to test these ads by effective device.

These test results will be shown in your ‘Text Ad Single Ad Group Test’ results.

If you have an ad group with DSAs in them in a campaign currently imported in Adalysis, there is nothing for you to do; these tests will be automatically run.

If you have DSAs in a campaign that is not imported into Adalysis, we suggest that you import them so you can start importing DSAs.

As DSAs are very different ads than text ones, since you don’t choose a headline or a destination URL; we suggest that you never combine both text ads and DSAs in the same ad group.  If you do, we will still test them; however, your stats in AdWords will be messy since Google might show your DSA for other keywords in that ad group instead of your carefully written text ad.

It is OK to have DSAs in the same campaign as regular text ads, we just suggest you don’t add them to the same ad group.

DSAs & Multi-Ad Group Testing

Your DSA data will be included in your multi-ad group tests. You can’t segment the multi-ad group tests by ad type yet – that functionality will be coming soon.

If you have DSAs in the same campaign as text ads, we suggest you use labels for your testing.

If you have DSAs in their own campaign, then you can use pattern matching or labels for your multi-ad group DSA testing.

Ad Group Filtering by Alert Type

The alerts are very useful to determine where you’re not testing appropriately. You can go to the ad group screen and filter only ad groups that match an alert type, such as ad groups that aren’t being tested.

You can still filter your ad groups that have any alert (such as 0 text ads).

We’ve added filters for the most common alert types, such as an ad group only has one text or image ad in it. These filters should make it easier for you to find ad groups that need some ad changes so that you are testing appropriately.


If you have any feedback on this feature or any others in Adalysis, we welcome all comments.

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