New Adalysis Features: Duplicate keyword tool, request data updates, and more

By Brad


New Features

We’ve just launched several new features at Adalysis to make PPC life easier for you.

  • Duplicate keyword view and tools to manage duplicate keywords
  • Keyword checker for adding new search terms as keywords
  • Keyword (and search term, n-gram, etc) data refresh!
  • Bing Ads & Facebook reports

Duplicate Keyword Tool

When you have a keyword twice in the same campaign; then you’ve lost control over ad serving. You are letting the engines pick which word and ad to show to a user instead of maintaining control.

For instance, in this account Duplicate 1 & 2 are the exact same word. However, duplicate 1 has a higher CTR, conversion rate, and a lower cost per conversion:


In these instances, you want to pause the worst preforming duplicate so that your best keyword gets all the impressions.

It’s easy to find if you have duplicates by looking at your dashboard alerts or using the duplicate filter on the keyword tab.

Managing duplicates is easy with the duplicate view (just click on the duplicate view button in your keywords tab).


Managing Duplicate Keywords

There are two ways to manage the duplicate keywords. You can click on a keyword and then see the detailed stats for each time that keyword occurs in a campaign. From there you can easily pause the duplicates you no longer want to run.


The Duplicate Keyword Bulk Pause Tool allows you to select your duplicates and pause them in bulk.

Just select the keywords; and click the Bulk Pause Tool button. Once selected, you can then pause the duplicates in bulk using your preferred metrics:


This new view and tool should help your account stay organized and ensure your top keywords are getting the correct impressions.

This video will walk you through how to use this view:


Checking Search Terms Before Adding them as Keywords

When a search term hits a select criteria (like multiple conversions, or CPA under a target amount); then you should add it as a keyword so you can control the bids and ensure that it’s showing.

When search terms hit your criteria (and you can customize the criteria); then you’ll see an alert on your dashboard. Clicking on the dashboard opens the filter:


You can select all the terms to add them as new keywords. The issue that you can run into is causing your own duplicates. If a search term is already a keyword; then you don’t want to add it again.

When you go to add search queries as keywords; you can check if this will be a duplicate; and if you don’t – we’ll check for you and show you a notation that it’s a duplicate:


In addition, keywords can only be 10 words or 80 characters long. We’ll also do this check for you so you don’t see rejection errors for your new keywords.

These new features should cut down on potential duplicates keywords.

Request Data Refresh

By default, Adalysis examines your keyword, n-gram, quality score, and search query data weekly.

On occasion, you will do a lot of work on keywords and then want to refresh your data – this is now possible 🙂

On the keywords tab; you can click on the ‘request an overnight update’ and we’ll recrunch all the data for you that evening.


As it can take many hours to fetch and crunch all the data; it’s not possible to do it on demand (you don’t want to wait 6 hours anyway…); but now if you do a lot of work with n-grams, search queries, quality score, etc – you can request an overnight update and the next morning you will have all the data, alerts, and recommendations to start improving your accounts 🙂

Bing Ads & Facebook Reports

We have over 50 pages of Data Studio reports available.

In addition to many Google AdWords reports; we’ve now added Facebook and Bing Ads reports.


To take advantage of the new reports; look at the PPC reporting options in your account.



It’s been a lot of work getting all these new features ready; we hope you enjoy them and the new dashboard.

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