Product Update: New Features for Keywords Management

By Brad


New Features

Adalysis introduced several new opportunities that will help you save time and improve the performance of your PPC accounts!

Don’t Miss These Important Keyword Alerts

Ad Groups With Too Many Keywords

Having too many keywords within an ad group can negatively impact the performance as it makes it harder to fine-tune the relevancy of all the keywords to the ads. Our newly introduced alert for an excessive number of keywords within an ad group will help you easily discover problematic ad groups.  Once you have done that, you can thematically organize keywords into more organized ad groups, thus increasing the relevance of your ads, the CTR and the Quality Score.

By putting similar keywords in thematic ad groups you can make sure that the ads that are triggered by these specific keywords are as close to the search query as possible. Studies have proven that the searchers respond much better to the ad copies that are mirroring their search terms. With this new feature, you will be able to quickly identify the ad groups that can be optimized and move some keywords to new or different ad groups. Instead of having one bloated, under-performing ad group, you can now quickly create one or more better performing ad groups that will both save you money and increase conversions at the same time!

Easily discover and reorganize Ad groups with too many keywords

Disapproved Keywords Alerts

Google will occasionally disapprove keywords that are violating its advertising policies. The new Disapproved Keywords Alert will enable you to quickly see all disapproved keywords and the reason why they were disapproved.

Manage Negative Keywords More Effectively

Managing negative keywords and lists in your Google ads accounts can be time consuming, especially if you have a large number of campaigns and keywords to take care of.

The new Negative Keyword Management features make working with negative keywords a true breeze! It enables you to quickly add new negative keywords, move them from ad groups to campaigns to lists, etc. and meticulously organize them across your Google Ads account. The ability to easily consolidate keywords into negative keyword lists and apply those lists to all the relevant campaigns, instead of adding negative keywords to all your campaigns or ad groups individually, is a great time saver!

No matter how meticulous your negative keyword research is prior to the launch of your campaigns, you will always find that your ads are triggered by irrelevant keywords you have not covered. This means that defining new negative keywords will be a constant task that you will need to perform if you want to save money and increase the quality of your account.

To optimize your workflow with the negative keywords we also added the ability to create negative keyword lists. When you create a new negative keyword list within Adalysis, you can decide to immediately apply it to all campaigns, all search campaigns, all shopping campaigns, or only specific campaigns of your choosing.

User Change Log

Another often requested feature by our users was the change log, which we are now introducing.

When there are several managers working on the same PPC account, it is imperative to keep track who made a specific change and when they did that. This change log can help you better understand what actions may have led to changes in your campaigns’ performance, whether positive or negative.  You can now easily see what changes have been made along with the user who made them and timestamp of the change.

More Improvements are on the way!

We are constantly developing Adalysis to introduce more improvements and make your life as a PPC manager easier!

Adalysis is a premium tool for PPC professionals that helps you save time and optimize large accounts without breaking a sweat! We monitor your accounts 24/7 and provide you with crucial data so you never miss any opportunities and can immediately react to any problems before they develop any further.

Maximize your productivity, get the desired results from your campaigns, and keep the control over your account!

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