New Adalysis Features: Testing paused ads, refreshing labels, and more

By Brad


New Features

We’re just launched a few new Adalysis features that should make your ad testing even easier Smile

Analyzing Paused Ads

In the past, we’ve only counted live ads in your billing (these are ads that are active in an ad group and campaign that are also active) in order to keep your bill as low as possible.

However, this means we ignored paused ads when we download your data each night.

More companies than ever are using ad scheduling to run ads when call centers are open, when their conversion rates are higher, etc and often have ads that are paused during the evening that they wish to have us analyze and test.

We’ve launched a solution that will easily allow you to include paused ads in your ad tests.

All you need to do is apply the label “AdalysisKeepTesting” (without the quotes – it’s not case sensitive) to your account at the level where you frequently pause (such as the campaign, ad group, ad, or a combination of all three) and we’ll include those ads in your testing.

To learn how to test paused ads, please see this help file and the examples.

Please note: In cases when you are using these labels, the ads that qualify for analysis will be counted in your ‘active ad’ count for billing.

Refreshing Labels on Demand

We launched the ability to run multi-ad group tests for image and text ads based upon labels a while ago.  What happened is that many users go into their AdWords accounts and add lots of labels for testing and want to immediately setup multi-ad group tests. However, we only synced the data nightly so you had to wait a day to define the tests.

We’ve now added the ability for you to refresh your labels on-demand. In your account settings, you can now do a refresh of labels:


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Overwriting Thresholds for Manual Tests

For manual tests (both single and multi-ad groups) we relied on your account and campaign threshold settings to determine the minimum amount of data needed to include your ads as having statistical significance before results were displayed.

We’ve added the ability for you to change these thresholds for each manual test that you run. When you run a manual test, we’ll show you your current thresholds and then you can change them for each test to see how the minimums affect your test results.



Surprise Coming Soon

We have a big surprise coming in the next couple of weeks regarding another search engine. Stayed tuned for some exciting Bing news.

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