New Adalysis Functionality: Monitoring Domains, plus changes to how ETAs & STAs are treated

By Brad


New Features

Last year, we started pinging every URL in your account once per week to find broken URLs for users. We’ve now gone further and actively monitor all the domains and subdomains within your account.

The way the system works, we first will find every domain and subdomain being used across your account.

Next, we ping each domain and subdomain once per hour. If we detect that it’s down, we will ping it again 2 minutes later as it turns out it’s shockingly common for domains to go down for a few seconds here and there.

If we detect the domain is still down, then we will add a note within Adalysis and send you an email that there’s a problem with your domain.


You can see a list of your monitored domains and status in your account. If you fix a status, you can check the icon to dismiss the alert.

Changes to ETAs & STAs

As of next week, you can no longer make standard text ads (STAs) in AdWords. To ensure that all large scale changes made in your account are compliant with the new system, we will be launching some changes next week:

Draft ads:  If you have created draft ads, we will replace any STAs with ads in the ETA format.

Multi ad group testing: If you run a multi-ad group test and bulk pause a set of ads and replace those ads with a new line, we will create those new ads in the ETA format.

Editing STAs:  If you try and edit an STA, either in bulk or a single ad, you’ll see an error as this will no longer be allowed by AdWords and we won’t be able to make the change. You can still monitor your STA testing performance against ETAs, you just can’t do anything with an STA except pause it or upgrade it to an ETA.

ETA Tools

If you have not upgraded all of your ads to ETAs yet, the bulk upgrade tool can help you along with this task.


Display Ad Formats

In case you missed it, we recently launched support for:

  • HTML5 ads
    • Ads created from templates
    • Ads created with ad ideas
    • Lightbox ads
  • Gmail ads
  • Responsive ads

We hope you like the new features, and as always, if there’s something you’re looking for – just let us know 🙂

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