New Adalysis Tool: Use the Performance Analyzer to Compare Your Metrics Over Time and Create Data Driven Stories

By Brad


New Features, Performance Analyzer


The performance analyzer let’s you easily compare your PPC data across two timeframes.

This comparison allows you to quickly see what drove the changes.

You can examine this data by:

  • Network (search or display)
  • Individual or multiple campaigns
  • Different time periods

When you have the results, it’s easy to see what drove the changes in the account and how the various metrics interact.

For example, in this account:

  • The search volume decreased
  • The impression share increased
  • The increase in impression share was caused by a higher average ad rank (which comes from average position and quality score)
  • The higher position was driven by Quality Score and an increase in CPC
  • The increase ad position, along with ad testing, increased the CTR
  • Even though the total search volume dropped; these changes lead to more total clicks
  • The increase in clicks and an increase in CPC lead to a 110% increase in total cost
  • The cost per conversion went up 1.47%.
  • The conversion rate increased dramatically (4.7% to 7.4%)
  • With the increase in conversion rate and increase in click; the total conversions increased 106%

In the end, the cost went up 110%, the conversions went up 106%, and the biggest drivers of change was the CPC changes. Considering the total search volume dropped by 27%, a doubling of the conversions at almost the same CPA is a great result even though the CPC went up dramatically.

With this tool, you can click into each metric to see a detailed comparison by campaign.

By analyzing your data at a high level and then zooming into what metrics drove your change, and even what campaigns these changes occurred within, you can easily figure out where you need to examine to increase your overall performance. This type of data also makes it very create stories out of your data to explain why the metrics changed over time.

You can see how to use this tool by watching this short video.

We hope you enjoy the performance analyzer 🙂

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