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When you are testing ads, you are constantly changing ad statuses, deleting ads, creating new ones, and taking actions that affect your current information. It’s difficult to see your data backwards in time to when you made a change based upon ad testing data.

You can now see your historical testing data in Adalysis.

You can see this recorded information at the account, campaign, or ad group level.

At the top level, you will see the date when data was recorded along with the top level statistics as you would on the aggregate ad testing screens:



If you drill into a test, then you can see the snapshot of that ad group data for the date that you made a change.

For instance, in this ad group one ad was deleted and two were paused on March 4th.



In order to not overwhelm you with information, we save one result per ad group per day. So if you were to delete an ad, pause an ad, and create a new one throughout the course of the day, we’ll show this snapshot with all the changes recorded on a single ad group screen.

As this feature is to help you examine your ad testing history, only changes made from the ad testing screen are recorded. If you make changes from the ad screen or in AdWords directly, the changes won’t be recorded.

This information is recorded for both text ads and image ads when single ad group testing is being used. This feature is not yet available for multi-ad group testing.

This feature should make it much easier to see your historical ad testing changes so you can see what’s happened in the past and diagnose any changes that you’ve made based upon your ad testing.

If you have any feedback on this feature or any others in Adalysis, we welcome all comments.

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