New Features: Bulk Create RSAs & Examine Ad Text Heatmaps

By Brad


General, New Features

We’ve just launched a new feature to bulk create RSAs (responsive search ads) based upon your ETA data. This should make it easy to create RSAs based upon your top ETAs in an ad group without having to go and examine every single ad and take too much time analyzing your ads just to create RSAs. With this new feature, you should be able to mass create RSAs across many ad groups at once in just a minute or two.

To see how this new feature works, please see this video.

We also updated the ad text heatmap functionality. This lets you see your CTR, conversion rate, ROAs, and other data when various headlines are used in combination with each other. To see how to use this functionality, please see this video (updated in November 2020: now, ETA Text Heatmap functionality has become part of an even more powerful tool, the Ad Inspector. See the details here).

We’ve also made the budget pacing easier to see on the dashboard. If you click on the budget pacing information, you’ll be taken directly to the budget monitoring features.

We hope you enjoy these new features 🙂

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