New Features: Easily Manage Placements, Display Exclusions, and New Dashboard Alerts

By Brad


New Features

When your ad is shown across the display network, the site, video, or app where it was displayed is known as a placement. Some of these sites are great, and others waste money.

The display network is comprised of so many sites that some do not fit in line with your brand.

We’ve launched new features that easily allow you to:

  • Block all apps at once
  • Migrate placement exclusions to higher levels
  • View and manage content types across your account at once
  • Aggregate placement data from ad group to campaign to account to see where your money is well spent and poorly utilized
  • Get new dashboard alerts ranging from showing ads on sensitive content to placements wasting your money

To get started using all of these new features, we’ve put together a video that walks you through the new features and how to work with them inside of the Adalysis platform.

We hope you enjoy the new features 🙂

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