New Keyword & Search Query Analysis Features

By Brad


New Features

On the heels of launching partial pattern analysis & suggested testsbulk ad creation and multi-variant testing, we’ve circled back to keywords and search query data to help you out more in the targeting analysis.

Keyword Filtering

We find that a lot of companies don’t like using 1 and 2 word keywords outside of their brand. However, there’s not an easy way to find when you are using single word keywords. It’s now easy to filter you keyword by word length.

You can create a filter that will show you words that are just 1 word in length or less than 3 words; or tackle the long tail and look at words that are 5+ words in length. This filtering should make it easy to find those 1 word stragglers that are pulling down your performance to pause or analyze them.


N-Gram Filtering

We’ve been pleasantly surprised how many people are really enjoying the n-gram analysis that we do to provide new data insights for you. We rolled out the ability to download this data a little while ago; and now we’ve added campaign filtering options.

It turns out that many users wanted to examine their n-gram data for a single campaign or for groups of campaigns (such as brand and non-brand). You can now filtering campaign names or labels. This makes it easy to label your non-brand campaigns and then only look at non-brand n-gram data.



Search Query Data

We’ve had the ability to see your search terms for quite a while. Now, you can see the search term data along side the keywords. When you are creating ads or just analyzing your keyword data, being able to see the search query data for a keyword will let you make sure you are attracting the correct type of traffic in both the keyword and the associated ad.


We hope you enjoy all the new features that have been launched the past week; and we have plenty more new features in the works, so stay tuned 🙂

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