New Multi-Ad Group Testing Features: Partial Patterns & Suggested Tests

By Brad


Ad Testing, New Features

Multi-ad group testing is a great way to test large numbers of ads or to get great insight into consumer behavior.

To make it easier to test and find where you should be testing, we’ve added two new multi-ad group testing features.

Partial Patterns

When you are creating a multi-ad group test; you can click on the folder icon to see your most common patterns so that you can determine what you should be testing.

However, when you think of these patterns; they are based upon entire lines. For instance, if you have these patterns:

  1. Find Plumbers in Chicago
  2. Chicago Licensed Plumbers
  3. Find Plumbers in New York
  4. New York Licensed Plumbers
  5. Find plumbers in Seattle
  6. Seattle Licensed Plumbers

You could say you have 6 distinct patterns, or that you have 2 patterns:

  1. Find Plumbers in *
  2. * Licensed Plumbers

* matches any other words in your pattern. While Adalysis supports the creation of multi-ad group tests with wildcards (or even doesn’t include a pattern); if you didn’t know all your ads, it was difficult to find these patterns.

Adalysis now aggregates the common partial patterns for your ads; so that when you click on the folder icon to see your most common patterns, we’ll show both full patterns that are commonly used as well as partial patterns with the wildcard* so you can easily find common ideas to test.


Suggested Tests

If you have some common lines being used across your account or campaign; we’ll also suggest tests for you to run.

You first select your campaigns (or all) and then the pattern location (such as headline or headline 2) and then just click the ‘Suggested Test’ link:


Once you click on the Suggested Tests link; we’ll show you tests that you can run based upon your data. If you want to run a test in just the selected campaign (if you were looking for test results in just a single campaign) you can click the >> button and we’ll automatically setup those patterns for you. If you click on Option 2, you can customize the campaigns where you’d like to run the test.


These two new features should make it much easier to find and start running multi-ad group tests to find both consumer insights in your data as well as test large sets of ads with ease.

We hope you enjoy the new features 🙂

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