New Testing Metrics Added

By Brad


Ad Testing, New Features

We’ve just launched three new testing metrics:

  • ROAS (return on ad spend)
  • RPI (revenue per impression)
  • CPA (cost per action)

To make the names of the metrics line up with what Google uses inside of AdWords; we went with their naming conventions instead of the typical marketing convention. Here’s the translation between what Google calls these metrics and what marketers call them:

  • Google’s name – Marketer’s name
  • Conv. value / Cost = ROAS
  • Cost/Conversion = CPA
  • AdWords does not have an RPI metric. You can only see that data inside of Adalysis

If you don’t want to judge your ads on all of these metrics; then you can uncheck them at the account or campaign level and we won’t run tests for these ads.

We suggest that ecommerce companies or companies with variable sales amounts at least examine ROAS and RPI. However, lead generation companies rarely track these metrics, so we suggest that for lead generation you are using CPA or CPI style testing metrics.

If you have any questions about these new metrics, please just let us know.

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