Changing thresholds for manual tests

New Adalysis Features: Testing paused ads, refreshing labels, and more

May 28, 2015 Brad New Features

We’re just launched a few new Adalysis features that should make your ad testing even easier Analyzing Paused Ads In the past, we’ve only counted live ads in your billing (these are ads that are active in an ad group and campaign that are also active) in order to keep your bill as low as […]

Ad group filters

New Adalysis Features: DSA Testing & Ad Group Filtering

April 2, 2015 Brad New Features

DSA Testing You can now test Dynamic Search Ads (DSA) with Adalysis. As with text ads, all DSA ad tests will be segmented by effective device. So if you have an ad group with two DSA mobile ads and two DSA all device ads, we will treat these as two different ad tests and continue […]

Conv. Value / Cost

Inside the Ad Testing Metrics: ROAS & ROI

April 1, 2015 Brad Ad Testing

This week we’re going to focus on using ROI or ROAS as your testing metric. If you are dynamically passing your conversion values to AdWords; then you’ll have a column known as Conv. Value/Cost in your account. This stands for Conversion Value / Cost.     This value is calculated based upon how you’re passing […]

Saved Test Results button

Historical Test Results Are Now Available for Multi-Ad Group Tests

March 24, 2015 Brad New Features

We recently announced that you can see your single ad group historical tests results within Adalysis.  You can now see these saved test results for multi-ad group testing as well.     If you click on the date range, you can see the details for the patterns. With single ad group tests, the only action you […]


Understanding Your Testing Metrics: ROAS vs ROI vs Conv. Value / Cost

March 17, 2015 Brad Ad Testing

In next week’s column, we will examine how to use ROAS as an ad testing metric. However, as there is a lot of confusion about ROAS, ROI, and Google’s Conv. Value/Cost metric, we’re first going to dig into these metrics before proceeding to how to use them in your ad testing. The History of ROI […]


Inside the Ad Testing Metrics: Conversion Per Impression (CPI)

March 10, 2015 Brad Ad Testing

This week we’re featuring everything you need to know about using CPI (Conversion per Impression)  as your testing metric. Please, consider reading our article on scientific Google AdWords split-testing if you would like to know more about how to set it up and evaluate results. This is a metric that shows the ratio between impressions and […]

Filtering ads test results by the date of change

New Feature: Ad Test Change History

March 9, 2015 Brad New Features

When you are testing ads, you are constantly changing ad statuses, deleting ads, creating new ones, and taking actions that affect your current information. It’s difficult to see your data backwards in time to when you made a change based upon ad testing data. You can now see your historical testing data in Adalysis. You […]


Inside the Ad Testing Metrics: Cost Per Acquisition (CPA)

March 3, 2015 Brad Ad Testing

This week we’re featuring everything you need to know about using CPA (cost per acquisition) as your testing metric. This metric is simply how much you pay for a conversion. This a common metric to use for testing in a few different types of accounts: Lead generation eCommerce when checkout amounts greatly vary eCommerce when […]

Conversion Rate

Inside the Ad Testing Metrics: Conversion Rate (CR)

February 24, 2015 Brad Ad Testing

This week we’re featuring everything you need to know about Conversion Rate testing. This metric is commonly used for testing as the higher your conversion rate, the more conversions you have once someone clicks on your ad. The biggest downside to conversion rate is that it doesn’t take into account how many clicks your ad […]


Inside the Ad Testing Metrics: Click Through Rate (CTR)

February 17, 2015 Brad Ad Testing

This week we’re featuring everything you need to know about click through rate. This metric is one that Google pushes you to use the most as their ad rotation default is set to optimize for clicks, which is the highest click through rate ad. This metric is useful to use for ad testing when you […]

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