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10 Steps to improving Landing page experience.

March 15, 2016 Brad Google Ads Insights

Are you fed up of seeing “landing page experience below average”? In this article I’m going to be explaining just how heavily weighted landing page experience is, in the quality score algorithm, with the aid of big data case studies from Wordstream, Adobe and Adalysis. I’m also going to be walking you step by step […]

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How We Decide to Automate a Task

March 10, 2016 Brad General

We’re big fans of automation; but not everything should be automated. There are a few considerations with automation: Is the process repeatable & consistent? With automation; you’re trusting the system to do the exact same thing over and over without any variation. If you don’t trust all the inputs; then you should not automate the […]

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New Features: Quality Score Analysis In-Depth

March 8, 2016 Brad New Features

Increasing your quality scores can help you increase your average position or decrease your cost per click or both. The issue with quality score optimization is that it has mostly been manual work since Google doesn’t show all the sub-factors of quality score (landing page, ad relevance, CTR) in an easy to sort and segment […]

Extensions usage recommendations chart

How Many Ad Extensions Should You Use?

March 1, 2016 Brad Ads

Ad Extensions are incredibly important to any PPC account. Here’s just a few of the benefits of using ad extensions: Used to calculate ad rank (along with quality score and bid) Showcase additional information to the user Allow for more conversions types (calls, driving directions) Gives the user more information about the company/product Causes the […]

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Mobile Preferred Ads Get 2x The CTR as Other Ads on Mobile Devices

February 23, 2016 Brad Ads

When you look at a lot of the trends in PPC these days, you often hear ‘mobile is taking over’. If mobile is taking over, or at least making a strong showing; then marketers should be focused on thinking about mobile users differently than desktop users. This goes beyond bidding to using mobile or responsive […]

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Improve Your Ads by Leveraging Seasonal Trends

February 16, 2016 Brad Ads

The majority of products have seasonal trends.  You don’t see many people buying patio furniture in November or Ski Jackets in June. That’s because the seasons or specific events change buying behavior. Consider these trends: Valentine’s week is the top week for flower sales Super Bowl week is the 2nd highest week (behind Black Friday) […]

Ratio between assisted clicks and converted clicks

3 Ways to Handle Assisted Conversions

February 9, 2016 Brad Google Ads Insights

What do you do in this scenario? Day 1: A user clicks on keyword 1 Day 3: A user clicks on keyword 2 and converts Do you give all the credit to keyword 2? If you are using a search engine tracking script or Google Analytics to track your conversions and you are bidding based […]

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Two Simple Ways to Find & Fix Terrible Headlines

February 4, 2016 Brad Ads

I still see absolutely terrible ad results all the time. There are usually two main culprits to this problem: Dynamic Keyword Insertion Mass creating ads without checking the length Take a look at these 4 ad headlines: The word ‘Stereo’ is 6 characters. A headline can be up to 25. Just by adding a few […]

What metric should you use?

What Ad Testing Metric is Best for Your PPC Account?

February 2, 2016 Brad Ad Testing

There is not a ‘best’ testing metric for everyone. There is a best testing metric based upon what you are trying to accomplish. We’ve put together a quick reference chart to easily let you see what testing metric you should be using: What do you want to do? The metric you should use Increase conversions […]

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New features: Create Ad Rules (including Bing Ads) & View Disapprovals

January 28, 2016 Brad New Features

We have two new features to tell you about today: Ad Rules and viewing disapproved ads. Manage When Your Ads Run: Ad Rules We’ve launched ad rules in Adalysis so you can automatically enable and pause ads. These rules are independent of any rules you have set in AdWords; however, we also support this in […]

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