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Visit the Upgraded Knowledge Base

July 3, 2014 Brad General

There are so many features and possibilities¬†within Adalysis, that it is very difficult to show them all in the user interface. We had a previous knowledge base; but the system wasn’t overly friendly to search and navigation. We’ve just migrated to a different knowledge base and ticket provider who’s system is vastly superior to our […]

New ad testing metrics

New Testing Metrics Added

May 27, 2014 Brad Ad Testing, New Features

We’ve just launched three new testing metrics: ROAS (return on ad spend) RPI (revenue per impression) CPA (cost per action) To make the names of the metrics line up with what Google uses inside of AdWords; we went with their naming conventions instead of the typical marketing convention. Here’s the translation between what Google calls […]

Team members invitation and management tool

The Teams Feature has Finally Launched

May 4, 2014 Brad New Features

The much asked for teams feature has finally launched. When you navigate to your account settings, you will see a new tab called teams. You can now invite other people to manage your ad tests and view your data. We have not capped how many people can access your data, so you should be able […]

Adalysis' updated UI

Adalysis Has an Updated UI

May 1, 2014 Brad New Features

    Thank you for all the feedback we’ve received throughout the beta so far. It’s been incredibly useful in designing a new interface. We’ve been working hard to design a UI that just ‘looks’ nicer and is a bit easier to navigate. We have the the first version of the new user interface created. […]


Adalysis Private Launch

September 16, 2013 Brad General

Adalysis is a product that automates statistical significance by CTR, CPI, and CR. It will then present you with the winners along with an easy workflow to pause the losers and create new ads. There are other features in the system (like cross ad group testing or string testing) and many new ones we’re working […]

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