Product Update: Ad Inspection, Text Pattern Analysis, Search Term Management, and More

By Brad


New Features

We’ve recently added several new features to make data analysis and account management even easier for you.

Ad Inspector

You now have a new tool known as the Ad Inspector. Here you will find three new options that will help analyze your ads.

Responsive Search Ads

Analyzing responsive search ads can be difficult. To make this type of analysis easier, we’ll show you a list of all your ad groups that contain RSAs and compare the RSA performance to the other ads in the ad group. This will let you see how RSAs are performing across many ad groups at once to make better decisions about improving your RSAs, pausing them or utilizing them more often depending on your data.



You can click the ‘view’ button to quickly see your RSA vs other ad data for each ad group.

Ad Text Patterns

The ad text pattern section will show you the most common lines you are using and their aggregate data. This is useful to examine when creating many new ads or getting ideas for Multi-Ad Group Testing. This data can easily be narrowed down by campaign or campaign labels to zoom into specific regions of your account you want to analyze.

Expanded Text Ads Heatmaps

At the intersection of ad lines, you find interesting data. What happens when several headline 1s are paired with several different headline 2s? It’s at this intersection you can see a lot of insights in your data of how different ad components react together. The ETA Heatmaps will show you the intersection of headlines and descriptions by several metrics so you can zoom into your best ad combinations.

Search Term Management

Creating Keywords or Ad Groups from Search Terms

We’ve made some improvements to how search terms are managed within Adalysis. When you are examining search terms and want to add one as a keyword, it’s easy to make it a keyword in an existing ad group or quickly create new keywords and ads for that search term.

Dismissing N-Grams

If you have an N-Gram that you no longer wish to see, you can dismiss it at the campaign or account level. From the dismiss menu, you can easily view your dismissed n-grams and revert the dismissal.

We hope you enjoy these new updates 🙂

Stay tuned, we have more exciting updates planned that will continue to make your life easier and more efficient while managing your paid search accounts.

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  • Ryan

    Great updates guys!
    In the Ad text pattern section, would love to see a CTR column if that’s doable?

    • Brad

      Hi Ryan,

      That’s a nice suggestion. We’ll add it to the list.


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