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By Brad


New Features

The goal of ad testing is to improve your overall account performance. However, it is difficult to tell just how your metrics will change based upon pausing your losing ads.

Therefore, we just launched a new feature that will show you what would have happened to your metrics if your losing ad wasn’t running for the past month so you can project your data changes.

Here’s a short video on how the new projections work:

[vc_video link=””]

Screenshot Tour

You will see this information below any ad tests:



Here’s a larger view:



You can see this information for A/B tests or for multi-ad group tests, label based tests, or image ad tests:



In addition, you can see the information in aggregate for single ad group tests in the ad insights tab. If you’ve even wondered what would happen if you used the feature ‘Pause all losers by a metric’ this will give you an idea of how many ads will be paused and the changes to your metrics:



The Nitty Gritty Details

As ad serving percentage can change quite a bit from one ad to another one; and because search volume is constantly in flux, we can’t realistically predict the future.

Therefore, we take the impressions that your losing ad received, divide them equally across your remaining ads, and then use that data to project what would have happened.

In most cases, this is a reliable predictor of your ad group’s future. There are exceptions, such as seasonal events, website changes, and other data conditions that you might take into account in projecting your data; but this information should help you determine  what will happen to an ad group’s (or multiple ad groups in the case of multi-ad group testing) performance.

Enhancements to Multi-Ad Group Testing

We recently launched the ability to test patterns across one or more campaigns as well as test by labels for both text and image ads. However, it was difficult to tell in your testing parameters just how many ads and ad groups were included in each test.

We just launched a change where you can easily see the scope of your multi-ad group tests for text ads (we now show matching ads & ad groups).


You can see this for text ad, image ad, or label tests.

In addition, if you click on the matching ads for the test or the test results; you can now see a list of the ads that match that test:


This will make your testing definitions easier so you can see the scope of all your tests.

As usual, we’re working on several more enhancements that should be launching soon.

If you’re still looking for software to help enhance your ad testing; take a look at everything Adalysis has to offer.

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