Six Ways Adalysis Can Help You Diagnose and Improve Quality Scores

By Brad


New Features, Quality Score

Google recently announced that you can see more Quality Score data in AdWords including historical Quality Score. Being the first system to let you see and filter on all the sub factors (Expected CTR, Landing Page Experience, and Ad Relevance), we’re all for transparency in reporting.

While Google has brought more data to Quality Score, we want to show why Adalysis provides the diagnostic and reporting information necessary to easily improve Quality Score.

#1 Quality Score Graphs


View your account or campaign level Quality Scores; then graph your Quality Scores and see the sub-factors by a large variety of metrics. Quickly answer any of these questions and more:

  • Are most of your keywords high or low Quality Scores?
  • Do you have a CPC discount by Quality Score?
  • What’s your CTR by Quality Score?
  • Does your CPA differ by Quality Scores?
  • How are your overall ad groups by Quality Score?
  • And so forth…

#2 Impression Weighting

Across your campaigns and ad groups, you can easily find your impression weighted Quality Score. Using impression weighted numbers means that you won’t be fooled by a strange average. For example, if you have one keywords with a 1 Quality Score and it has 1 impression and another keyword has 10,000 impressions with a 10 Quality Score, your impression weighted Quality Score is quite high; so, you don’t want to see a misleading average of 5.5.

You can find your impression weighted Quality Scores at the account, campaign, and ad group levels.


#3 Priority Order

While reporting is nice; in reality; Adalysis is about diving into actions. If a machine can do it just as well as a human; a person should never waste their time. One of the biggest time wasters (outside of ad testing) is trying to find out where to start. Adalysis has you covered.

We examine the impression weighted Quality Score and your spend data and run them through an algorithm to show your exactly what ad groups need the most Quality Score assistance.

Simply sort by Quality Score priority and find the ad group that needs the most help.


#4 Sub Factor Weighting

Of course, knowing what ad group needs the most help doesn’t tell you the type of help it needs. Therefore, we impression weight the sub factors of Quality Score and color code them so you can tell at a glance what you should work on for any one ad group.


For instance, the ad group with the highest priority has below landing page experiences. The second ad group has landing page and CTR issues; the third ad group has a relevance problem. At just a glance you can see what the overall issue is for the ad group so you can quickly get to work.

#5 Filter by Sub-factors

We were the first to expose the sub factors in a scalable manner and let you easily filter, sort, and diagnose the sub factors of Quality Score for every keyword.


#6 Understand the landing page & keyword relationships

Trying to diagnose your landing pages with Quality Scores can be difficult. We show you all your landing pages used in multiple ad groups and then aggregate the Quality Score information across those pages for your account. This lets you easily see how many keywords are above, average, and below average (and the actual keywords) for these landing pages.


This makes it easy to find keywords that need new landing pages or landing pages doing well with a large variety of keywords so you can replicate that success.


Adalysis is built on the principles that PPC marketers are too time strapped to be tasked with redundant data diagnostics. Instead, use your knowledge wisely to take actions. We’ll point you to what needs to be done inside the account so you can get out of Excel number crunching and use your skills to improve your account.

We applaud Google for making Quality Score easier to view (finally); however, if you want to just get to work improving your account, take a free trial of Adalysis to see what actionable information is really like to work with in increasing your PPC management effectiveness.

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