Take Control of Your PPC Ad Serving by Finding & Managing Duplicate Queries & Keywords

By Brad


New Features

Duplicate Keywords

When you have the same keyword & match type combination in two different ad groups within a campaign, you are not in control of your ad serving.

It’s impossible to set the proper bid, analyze your quality score, and understand the effectiveness of the keyword. Therefore, you want to take control of your ad serving and only have a keyword & match type combination listed within one ad group within a campaign.

Handling this issue is easy – just pause the keyword with the worst performance.

To find duplicate keywords, either click on the alert in the dashboard, or use the alert type of ‘Duplicate Keywords’ to get a list of your duplicates.

This video will show you how to quickly do this in Adalysis.

Duplicate Search Terms

The same can be said for duplicate search terms. When a search term is showing from multiple ad groups, then you don’t always know what keyword, ad, and landing page are associated to an ad group.

In this case, you want to add an ad group negative keyword to the worst performing ad group so the search term shows from your top performing ad group for that search term.

To find duplicate search terms; click the filter options; and choose ‘Duplicate search terms’.

This video will show you how to do this easily with Adalysis.

These two new features should make it easy to find and manage duplicate keywords and search terms.

Other New Features

We’ve added the ability to export the keyword and adgroup data.  Look for the download button in the relevant screens.

Broken Links
If we report one of your links (ads or keywords) being broken, you can check the status of the link yourself to see if it has been fixed or to find the status code to report it to your dev team.

See keyword data for search terms
In the search term data, you can click the magnifying plus icon to see the keywords in the adgroup where the search term is.

We hope you enjoy the new features Smile

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