The 2019/2020 Version of The State of PPC Report is Now Out. Claim Your Free Copy.

By Brad




The State of PPC is based upon aggregated survey data from PPC Professionals. This 45 page report looks at trends for in-house and agency marketers and can help you understand how the world at large is viewing PPC these days.

The report covers a variety of topics:

  • About This Report and The Data
  • The Participants
  • Budgets
  • Where Marketers are Spending Compared to Last Year
  • The Most/Least Effective PPC Channels
  • Platforms Marketers will Spend More in Over the Next 12 Months
  • What’s Happening with Amazon Ads?
  • What Has Been Important in Digital Advertising this Past Year
  • Our Machine Learning Survey Findings
  • The Post-Click Experience
  • What Marketers Feel Most Unprepared For
  • Our Thoughts and Predictions

I found the machine learning survey, which take a realistic look at how well machine learning is working, who is really using it, what capabilities are being utilized, and how effective has it been for marketers, particularly interesting.

The report is free – no email is even required to download it 🙂 You can get your own copy of The State of PPC 2019/2020 here.

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