The All New Reimagined Adalysis Dashboard & User Interface

By Brad


General, New Features

We just finished launching the new dashboard, which should help you streamline your workflow and quickly discover all the tools contained within Adalysis.

One of the most exciting new features is the ability to take action from the dashboard. When you see an alert, you can take action directly from the dashboard, or you can go view all the details and manage the alert as before.

No longer do you need to hunt for your duplicate ads, examine keyword conflicts, or look at your placement data in detail. All it takes is a single click from your dashboard (technically two clicks as we always ask you to confirm these bulk actions) and the task has been accomplished.


We’ve taken the main account overview screens and made everything clickable, so you can easily see run rates and data over time.

Lastly, we moved all the tools to their logical places among the dashboards. The campaign builder tool is now with the campaign data. You can find ad templates under the ads section and so forth.

To help navigate all of these tools and workflows, we’ve added a tool index so you can see all the ways you can work with different parts of your PPC accounts.


For current users, this short video will show you the changes, so you know where the new tools are, the capabilities of the new interface, and how we can further streamline your workflow.

For those who haven’t seen Adalysis in a while, this short demo will give you an overview of the new system.

We hope you enjoy the new interface and features. The new dashboard and charts should make your paid search management even more efficient and profitable 🙂

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