The Two Videos You Need to Watch to Get Started with Google Data Studio

By Brad


General, Reporting

We use Google Data Studio extensively. It allows you to easily visualize data, create reports, and update the reports.

When we talk to in-house and agency members alike, one of the biggest time sinks in the entire company is reporting.

While we’ve made Data Studio Templates available for free, some people are struggling to always apply them to their accounts, keep all their account organized, or make quick edits to the templates.

We’ve put together two videos that should make the process of using pre-built Data Studio templates easy to apply to your account as well as cover naming conventions so you can quickly tell which company’s data is which in your data sources.

This first video shows you how to set up Google Data Studio and name your data sources. If you are managing multiple accounts, then you want to pay special attention to the naming data so you can quickly find those data sources in the future when you use another Data Studio report for the same account.

This next video shows you how to apply a template to your account, download the data into a report, and make layout and theme changes to the template. While we’re showing how to do this from our templates, the same process applies to the free templates we give away or anyone else’s template that you want to use.

If you’re still looking for some Data Studio templates to get started with, we’ve made 3 (Google Ads, Google Analytics, Performance Analyzer), available for free so you can get started automating your reporting today.

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