This Video Answers Your Burning Attribution Questions

By Brad


Google Ads Insights

Attribution management is one of those tossed-around buzz words that most people don’t know what to do with. Attribution isn’t that difficult. The hard part is knowing what question to ask:

  • What model should I use for bidding?
  • How do I determine if a channel should use ads with strong calls to action or brand messaging?
  • Should I keep or remove this channel?
  • Where are people discovering our brand?
  • What message keeps people moving through the sales funnel?
  • Do I even need attribution?
  • Can I automate my bidding through attribution modeling?
  • etc..

The answers aren’t that hard to discover, if you know the correct question. There are many attribution models; and they all have uses. The real question is what model do you use based upon the question you are trying to answer.

We’ve covered all of this and much more in a webinar specially about attribution. We answer:

  • What attribution means to your marketing
  • How to determine if a channel is contributing to your online success
  • How to use models to determine the focus of your ads
  • Using attribution to bid paid search correctly (and automatically leverage the models)
  • Examining when it’s appropriate to use various models based upon what you are trying to learn
  • How to choose a model that works for you

The attribution webinar is now online and you can watch it on demand here: Attribution Video.

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