We’ve Just Launched Even More Multi-Ad Group Testing Functionality

By Brad


New Features

We’ve had a lot of feedback on additional ways that you can segment exactly what ads get included in a multi-ad group test and we’ve just launched new options for determining what ads are included:

  • You can choose to only include (or exclude) ad groups with specific labels in addition to selecting campaigns. This will allow you to only test certain ad groups within your chosen campaigns.
    • With this option, you can still use text patterns, so the bulk ‘pause and replace with new text’ functionality will work when you have test results.
  • You can use special operators in your test patterns, including ‘does not include’
    • This will allow you to test static ads against DKI or ad customizers as well as specific messages that might not include certain terms

New Inclusion Criteria for Tests

When you define a multi-ad group test, you must select the campaigns to be included; which is the same way its been in the past.

Optionally, you can choose to only include ad groups if they match (or don’t match) ad group labels. If you have ad groups that you don’t want to include in a test, you can label them and then choose ‘adgroup labels contain none’ and those ad groups won’t be included in the test. Alternately, if you only want to include certain ad groups in a test, you can label those ad groups and then chose only to include those ad groups.

Choosing ad group labels is not required, but if you want to only include a subset of ad groups in your test, you can now do so with this new selection criteria.



New Multi-Ad Group Patterns: Including ‘does not contain’

The use of wildcards in multi-ad group patterns has been widely used to test:

  • using sale amounts versus discounts in ads
  • the usage of geographies versus non-geographies in ads
  • using specific terms such as ‘low price’ versus ‘wide selection’
  • ‘call us’ vs ‘contact us’
  • etc

What you couldn’t do was test if a line didn’t include something, such as your brand versus a non-branded ad or DKI ads versus non-DKI ads, etc.

We’ve just rolled out several new pattern options you can use in defining ad tests:

Pattern How ads are matched to the pattern
abc abc exists anywhere in the text
* abc abc exists at the end of the text
abc * abc exists at the beginning of the text
abc * xyz abc exists before the wildcard and xyz exists after the wildcard
abc * xyz * abc exists at beginning. xyz anywhere after abc
* abc * xyz abc exists anywhere before xyz. xyz exists at end
!!abc abc doesn’t exist


For instance, if you wanted to test how DKI does against non-DKI you can set up this test:


That test says for pattern 1; if the ad does not have {keyword: in it; then include it in the test result for pattern 1 and then pattern 2 is testing ads that start with dynamic keyword insertion.

This would let you see if dynamic keyword insertion is better or worse than your statically written ad.

As more people are testing ad customizers, dynamic keyword insertion, DSAs, and other new ad formatting options; we’re ensuring that you can easily test these parameters either against each other or just test if using these formatting option are actually better than your static ads. We’ve seen cases where ad customizers lowered the account’s performance; so it’s a good idea to test if taking the extra work to customize ads is helping your bottom line.

These New Operators Are in Many Places Across Your Adalysis Account

Please note that these new operators also exists for the new ad and ad group filters. It’s now easy to find all ads that don’t match a certain brand message and pause them all, or ads that have an old code or promotional message and replace all the text in them at once.

We’re working towards helping you be consistent in your brand messages, change old messages in bulk, and pushing the limits on how you can manage your ads. We have some new features in the works that will make some of these tasks more robust and even easier.

Related new features:

If you have any feedback or questions on the new features, please let us know.

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