What Ad Testing Metric is Best for Your PPC Account?

By Brad


Ad Testing

There is not a ‘best’ testing metric for everyone.

There is a best testing metric based upon what you are trying to accomplish.

We’ve put together a quick reference chart to easily let you see what testing metric you should be using:

What do you want to do? The metric you should use
Increase conversions Conversion per Impression (CPI)
Increase visitors Click Through Rate (CTR)
Increase engaged visitors Conversion per Impression (CPI)
Get the most revenue possible Revenue per Impression (RPI)
Improve quality scores Click Through Rate (CTR)

There are two noticeable metrics missing from this list: ROAS and CPA.

Those two metrics should be filtering metrics and not winning metrics.

For instance, if you want the most conversions possible at a $35 target CPA; then you would use CPA as a filter and remove any ad that is above the $35 CPA target and then of the ads left, the highest CPI would be the winner.

These are the cases to use filtering metrics:

What do you want to do? Filtering metric Winning metric
Highest revenue above a specific ROAS ROAS Revenue per Impression (RPI)
Most conversions under a target CPA CPA Conversion per Impression (CPI)

Once you’ve decided what metric you should use as a winner based upon your goals, you can read about that metric in great detail from these pages:

If you’re looking to have these metrics automatically calculated and be informed when your ads hit statistical significance for those metrics, please take a look at what Adalysis has to offer.

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