Automated PPC Bid Management – Streamlined And Simplified.

Losing hours of your valuable time to tedious PPC bid changes? Automate your bidding strategy and let Adalysis do the heavy lifting.

PPC Bid Management – Managed.

Simple in theory, time-consuming in practice. Here’s how Adalysis can help via smart automation.

  • Regular CPC Checks – Adalysis performs regular checks to alert you if you could benefit from adjusting your bids.

  • Multiple Signals Assessed –Multiple signals considered for each keyword - Quality Score, search volume, Google estimates for top positions, and more.

  • Bidding Rules And Bulk Actions – Save time with the ability to easily set up your own bidding rules and change bids in bulk.

  • Custom Strategy – Default settings will be focused on increasing conversions, but you can also personalize to aim for target CPA, ROAS, or increased traffic.

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Targeted Tools For Better Bidding

Take control of your PPC bidding strategy - PPC tools from Adalysis enable you to work smarter, not harder.

  • Suggested Bid Adjustments Tool – Automated recommendations for location, device, demographic and audience bid adjustments.

  • Aggregated Analysis Tool – Aggregate data across all campaigns and ad groups to make conclusions on segment performance faster.

  • Custom Performance Settings – Easily adjust the default settings that define “good” or “bad” performance to better serve your needs regardless of your traffic volume.

  • Define Effective Schedule – Align your bid adjustments and schedules to the most effective time frames for your audience.

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Increase Your PPC Bidding Insight

Adalysis delivers a deeper understanding of your bidding strategy – and saves you time, so you can apply this insight!

  • Bid Adjustment Map – Total control and clarity over all your bid adjustments and the impact they’re having.

  • PPC Hourly Performance Heatmap – An automated visual heatmap instantly highlights hourly and weekly performance trends.

  • Visibility Alerts – Get notified if the auction changes meaning your keywords lose visibility because of insufficient bids.

  • Before And After Comparison – Easily see how the bid changes you made impacted your results, with clear, data-driven reporting.

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