PPC budget management made simple

Leverage our 7 budget tools to take control of PPC spend and performance

7 budget tools - one platform

  • Projections: future spend projection taking into account all variables including recent budget change.

  • Boost opportunities: overview of incremental performance boost for every campaign.

  • Budget split: efficient allocation of an account budget across campaigns.

  • Daily automation: automatic daily budget adjustments to achieve your target.

  • Rollover: allocation of over/underspend from one cycle to the next.

  • Pacing: Prevention of over-spending or under-spending with real-time tracking.

  • Campaign control: enable/pause campaigns based on pacing and budget cycle.

Take control of PPC spend and performance

  • Gain control on your budgets with real-time tracking, spend projections, alerts, campaign automation and reporting.

  • Manage your budgets at all levels (account level, budget group level, individual campaign level) without having to use spreadsheets.

  • Get up-to-date forecasts for cumulative as well as daily budget performance and targets.

  • Keep spend on track for thousands of campaigns with easy-to-use dashboards and intelligent automation tools.

Pacing management has never been easier

  • Prevent over-spending and under-spending with real-time budget tracking.

  • View a pacing summary across all your accounts at multiple campaigns levels.

  • Pause campaigns and re-enable them automatically based on pacing thresholds and cycles.

  • Manage recurring monthly spend targets just as easily as limited-time promotions.

Ditch the spreadsheets and manual budget calculations

  • Make data-backed decisions when allocating your budget across your campaigns.

  • Use accurate predictions based on account history, seasonality, ad schedule and recent budget change.

  • View the performance boost potential for any budget to achieve an optimum budget split across the campaigns.

  • Adjust your campaigns based on current spend to ensure you hit, but don't exceed, your target budget.

Run on auto-pilot for improved ROI

  • Say goodbye to spreadsheets. Let our smart algorithms do all the heavy lifting for you.

  • Manage thousands of client budgets with ease for different cycles and schedules.

  • Adapt seamlessly to changing volumes, cycles, seasons and search demand.

  • Using your thresholds spending is kept on pace and campaign daily budget adjustments are made when needed. Over/underspend is moved from one cycle to the next.

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